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Havre Daily News will not print Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, full paper will be online

Paper will print Tuesday and Friday

Havre Daily News staff

Havre Daily News did not have a print edition today, and will be online only Wednesday and Thursday due to printer issues, but the full editions for those days will be available online and all local content will be on the website at no charge.

The Havre Daily News press broke down a few months ago and the paper has been contracting with the Independent Record to print the daily Havre Daily edition.

Problems at Independent Record means it will not be able to print Havre Daily News this week, but Livingston Enterprise will print the Havre paper Tuesday and Friday, although distribution may be a bit late due to the distance it has to be transported.

“This is too bad for our readers,” Managing Editor Tim Leeds said. “We have been trying to keep things going even though our press is broken so our readers might not even notice, but everything came together this week so that can’t continue.”

The Havre Daily’s press is nearly repaired, but it is not ready to print this week’s editions.

The online edition, which normally only allows three free views of stories to nonsubscribers, will allow full free access today, Wednesday and Thursday.

All subscribers can access all content on the website as well as the e-edition, PDFs of the full paper are available at to subscribers.

Subscribers who do not yet have full access to the website can click on the “Free Trial” entry on the top right of the Havre Daily News web page, follow the instructions to enter name, address, email and a username and password to gain full access to the website as a subscriber.

The person using the “Free Trial” option must reply to an email sent to their address to verify the application to gain full access.


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