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Local Bowling Report: Welcome Back: Bowling leagues are rolling now

Ten Pin Chatter

From the scores this week I believe people are ready to bowl now. First two weeks I saw a bit of struggling but not so much this week. Three guys missed 300 games, also, Roman Surber, 279, the 1st game, Ryne Antley, 276, the 3rd game, and Jay Shulund, 278, the 2nd game. The battle is on.

High scores for the week. Men’s game Roman Surber, 279. Men’s series, Ryne Antley, 715. Women’s game, Jacey Kohler, 235. Women’s series, Steph Klein, 621.

No split pickers this week, remember to leave notes at the desk and I’ll pick them up.

Just a fun note. One of our new bowlers on Tuesday L...


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