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Local Bowling Report: Welcome Back: Bowling leagues are rolling now

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Last updated 10/6/2022 at 8:35am

From the scores this week I believe people are ready to bowl now. First two weeks I saw a bit of struggling but not so much this week. Three guys missed 300 games, also, Roman Surber, 279, the 1st game, Ryne Antley, 276, the 3rd game, and Jay Shulund, 278, the 2nd game. The battle is on.

High scores for the week. Men’s game Roman Surber, 279. Men’s series, Ryne Antley, 715. Women’s game, Jacey Kohler, 235. Women’s series, Steph Klein, 621.

No split pickers this week, remember to leave notes at the desk and I’ll pick them up.

Just a fun note. One of our new bowlers on Tuesday Ladies, Barb Chamberlain, bowled 159 pins over her average for three games. I think that’s pretty amazing.

Sunday Keglers: Steph Klein, 201,219,201-621, nice job Steph. Pam Conatser, 192, Michele Denny, 166, Amanda Moomey, 166,157, Brandy Kurtz, 167, Kyndra Hall, 154, Ali Ward, 152,150, Jerry Bohn, 181, Doug Denny, 195Bob Moomey, 182,185-543, Chris Breum, 209,198-574, Mike Breum, 201,184-541, Jacob Anderson, 187,223-573, Shawn Burrington, 233,216-607. High team series for the week, Havre Rental, 1972. 1st place team, Midtown Car Care, 2nd place team, Havre Rental, 3rd place team, Hi-Line Polaris

Women's City: Fern Lohse, 186,189-512, Lacy Farmer, 160,172-463, Tammy Pozega, 163-459, Julie Rodgers, 188,164,178-530, Terry Wright, 167,153-468, Terry Lillevedt, 165, Lynn Crossler, 155, Dana Seidel, 171,211-522, Keri Woodwick, 164,156, Jackie Mayer, 163,157. High team Series for the week, Graphic Designs by JT, 1845. 1st place, Graphic Designs by JT, 2nd place, Shamrock's Bar, 3rd place, Tip-It Bar.

Men's City: Brad Cornelius, 215,215-595, Brad Chvilicek, 207, Shawn Mariani, 194,247-621, Jason McDonald, 211-574, Kyle Surber, 217,217,208-642, Justin Friede, 199,220,227-646, Roman Surber, 279,232-689, Brad Bender, 230,211-586, Joe Johnson, 232-603, Dave Hassa, 195,194-561, Lyle Peterson, 204, Nick Stone, 196,239,235-670, Harold Powell, 216, Shawn Burrington, 237-599, Drake Waltner, 211-568, Cody Thompson, 211, Brian McLees, 197,200-557, Ryne Antley, 227,212,276-715, Jeff Healy, 205, Matt Boucher, 245,192-584, Kaleb Arensmeyer, 191,226-562, Chad Anderson, 225, Chris Owens, 210, Clint Owens, 197, Wade Hofer, 206, Jay Shulund, 278-607, Jacob Anderson, 215-590. High team series for the week, Kerry's Dirt and Water, 3638. 1st place, Raging Tatanka, 2nd place, Skippy Shots, 3rdplace, Boucher Electric, 4th place, Havre Ford.

Thursday Mixer's: Donna Tilleman, 165, Brandy Kurtz, 156,165-447, Lindsey Rucinsky, 155, Patricia Aranda, 158, Jacey Kohler, 235,180, 203-618, Dianne Watson, 159,174,151-484, Pati Killebrew, 153, Robert Kurtz, 185-502, Jason McDonald, 191,198-560, Chuck Wimmer, 234,199-604, Roman Surber, 246,201,232-679. High team series for the week, D & D, 1334. 1st place, Smoke n Fire, 2nd place, D & D, 3rd place, TP.


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