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Tester hopeful for bipartisan work to happen in Congress

U.S. Sen. Jon Tester, D-Mont., said in a telephonic press conference from Washington last week that he hopes the midterm election sends a message that leads to more bipartisan work in Congress - and the state Legislature - next year.

"I think what needs to happen, moving forward, I think the American people in general said, 'We want folks to work together to get things done.'"

Tester said people elected in both the Legislature and Congress can work together to make things happen.

"There are a lot of good candidates up and down the ballot in Montana," he said, "and regardless of the outcomes I...


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William Hilliard writes:

It's good to hear adult answers to tough questions. No scare tactics just common sense along with knowledge of the American legislation and what it takes to pass laws. Thank you Mr. T