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Hello, God. It's me, Mara.

We need science

You know, Lord, it's only a few days into the New Year and how fun to snuggle under a nice thick blanket in my quiet-time chair, looking forward to these silent moments with You, Lord, in the wee hours of a, so far, untouched year. The fireplace dances a gentle glow into the room's darkness. In the dim light, shelves filled with photos, books, mementos and other things, are reminders of an abundant life.

Sitting now with You, Lord, it's interesting to review the year that has just passed. We go over the highs and lows, triumphs and defeats, challenges and joys and lessons learned, breathing deeply, of Your love and thank You for another year of life. And as we look ahead, we share our hopes and dreams with You.

Then a thought crossed our mind and we remember reading about science and that it presented a most interesting article, stating that we need at least four basic elements to survive which are:

1. Water

2. Air

3. Food

4. Light

And look what the Bible tells us about Jesus!

1 - I am the Living water

2 - I am the Breath of Life

3 - I am the Bread of Life

4 - I am the light of the world

Science was right, we need You, Lord Jesus to Live!

Time with You, Lord, in the stillness of dawn is precious, priceless, filled with peace and joy that no amount of New Year's Eve could have brought. And then a blaze of orange pierces the horizon over the bank of hills and a sunrise slowly creeps up over them; its appearance surely fills onlookers with anticipation and hope, embraced by the One Who is ever faithful and fully good and that is You, Lord. Thank You, Lord, for the beginning of a great new year.

Love, Mara


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