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Senior Center News, Feb. 3, 2023

North Central Senior

Citizens Center

Feb. 6-10


Monday, Feb. 6 — Scrambler, hashbrowns, toast, Jell-O

Tuesday, Feb. 7 — Fish, Au gratin potatoes, corn, pudding

Wednesday, Feb. 8 — Salisbury steak, mashed potatoes, green beans, pudding

Thursday, Feb. 9 — Chicken fajitas, Spanish corn bread, dessert

Friday, Feb. 10 — Soup, chef’s choice, dessert

Tax time — We start of taking reservations for tax preparation Jan. 23. Give us a call at 406-265-5464 to make a reservation.

Bits and Pieces: We are happy to announce the hiring of a new SHIP counselor in training, Kim Leeds. We have every confidenc...


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