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Local Golf Report: I'm still writing the golf column

I’m really going to miss golfing in Havre. I’m going to miss playing men’s league, playing in tournaments and playing Saturday afternoons with so many of my friends. I’m going to miss coaching high school golf, and all the goings on that comes with golf on the Hi-Line.

But this isn’t a goodbye to the golf column. I did that a long time ago, and before I left Havre for a new golfing adventure in the Mile High City, I said more than my share of goodbyes.

Instead, this is hello.

This is the first From Tee to Green for the 2023 golf season, and this column, writing it every week, will give me a chance to stay connected to my golfing roots. Because that is exactly what Havre is to me — the birthplace of my obsession with golf — and no matter how great the golf is in Colorado, and I’ve been lucky enough to already experience that, Havre will forever be my golfing home.

Enough about all that, though. Instead, like I said before, welcome to a brand new season of From Tee to Green.

Of course, I know how far off golf actually feels in Havre right now. Trust me, I’ve kept a watchful eye on the horrible spring that’s occurring up there, and while I tried to put Havre’s bad weather in my rearview mirror, I just can’t. I hate what spring has been like back home, and I genuinely feel bad for everybody, especially those of you who are eagerly anticipating the start of golf season.

So, while that might be weeks away, hopefully not longer, there is some golf news to get to.

Prairie Farms Men’s League will have its annual league meeting April 11 at the clubhouse at Prairie. A league start and end date will be set at that time, as well as a date for the 2023 Men’s Club Championship. Also, anyone planning on having a men’s league team this season should have one representative of that team at the meeting.

Prairie Farms also recently announced that a season-opening date will be dependent on weather and course conditions.

Beaver Creek Golf Course meanwhile, has also been opening the clubhouse often for customers to come purchase memberships and other things. BCGC also had a winter simulator league and recently held the First Annnual Beaver Madness Simulator Tournament, where a good time was had by all.

Just like at other courses around the area, BCGC will open when conditions allow.

Lastly, it is Master’s Week. Honestly, is there any better time to sit and watch golf? Not in my opnion. I love watching golf on TV, but once the weather gets better, I for one would still rather be playing it.

Not during The Master’s, though. No, it’s just amazing to sit there and watch it on TV all day, for four days. I imagine the only thing better is actually being on the grounds at Augusta National this week.

So, with that said, my Master’s pick this week. I’m going with Max Home. He’s due to win his first major, and like Scheffler last year, he comes into Augusta on fire.

Anyway, enjoy The Master’s everybody, and keep your fingers crossed that warmer weather is on the way in Havre, and you’ll all be hitting the links real soon.


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