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MAT auditions for Beaver Creek Park play

Auditions for Shakespeare's '12th Night' slated for Wednesday and Thursday

Montana Actors' Theatre is holding auditions next week for its summer productions of William Shakespeare's "12th Night," which will be held June 9-11 at the acting troupe's Ren Faire in Beaver Creek Park.

MAT Executive Director Jay Pyette said this will be the fourth year MAT has done the Ren Faire along with one of their productions, but only the second time they've done it in Beaver Creek Park, with last year's drawing a much larger crowd than expected.

"It was great," he said. "Huge turnout and everyone seemed to have a good time."

Last summer, MAT produced Shakespeare's "Macbeth" at Lions Campground, which included horses in the cast.

Pyette said they moved it to the Eagles Campground this year to accommodate more people as they had a lot of trouble finding parking for everyone last year.

He said there would be food, drinks and vendors as well as games for adults and children.

He said MAT's Ren Faire is fairly casual compared to some others around the state and U.S. so people should worry more about having a good time than making sure their costumes, if they want to bring them, are 100 percent time-period appropriate.

He said anyone with questions about the event can call him at 406-945-0272.

MAT is holding auditions for "12th Night" Wednesday and Thursday, April 12 and 13, at 7 p.m. at the Montana State University-Northern Little Theater.

Pyette said they are looking for actors for 12 major roles including Orsino, Duke of Illyria, age 30 or older, Valentine, gentleman of the duke, age 18-70, Curio, gentleman of the duke, age 18-70, Olivia, a rich countess, age 30 or older, Maria, Olivia's gentlewoman, age 20-30, Sir Toby Belch, uncle to Olivia, age 35 or older, Sir Andrew Aguecheek, Toby's protégé, age 20 or older, Fabian, servant to Olivia, age 18-70, Feste, a jester, age 18-70, Malvolio, steward to Olivia, age 35 or older, Sebastian, twin brother of Viola, age 18-25, Viola, twin sister of Sebastian, aged 18-25, Antonio, a sailor and friend to Sebastian, age 20 or older, and the Sea Captain, a friend of Viola, age 30 or older.

Pyette also said no experience is required and they are also looking for extras so practically anyone is welcome interested they're welcome to try out.

"If anyone at all is interested, come audition," he said.

"12th Night" is the story of twins Viola and Sebastian, who arrive in a mysterious land after a shipwreck. Upon their arrival Viola mistakenly believes her brother has perished in the wreck and dresses as him to protect herself.

The play follows Viola and her unbeknownst-to-her surviving brother making their way through this mysterious land and its people resulting in a tangle of mistaken identities, love interests and all the comedy that comes with it.

People tend to get intimidated by Shakespaere, fearing they won't understand the story, Pyette said, but despite the premise of "12th Night," it's actually one of the famous playwright's more straightforward stories and people have nothing to fear.


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