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SB442 veto draws ire of local politicians

Governor vetoes marijuana bill that had broad bipartisan support

Gov. Greg Gianforte vetoed Senate Bill 442, a proposal on how to use marijuana tax revenues, last week despite broad bipartisan support, drawing criticism from local legislators and government officials along with a range of constituency groups.

SB442 would have divided tax revenues levied on recreational marijuana sales between the state’s general fund; county road construction and maintenance; conservation and recreation programs; addiction treatment, and veterans services and received support from the majority of legislative Democrats and Republicans.

Two competing bills would have allocate...


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It isn't impossible but it is highly unlikely that there will be enough votes to override the Governor's veto. The reason is that the ballot is sent to the homes of the legislators and many simply do not return their ballots. This has certainly been a miserable session for Montana. The most extreme bills will be litigated before the Supreme Court. We will see.