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Obituary - Hazel Belcourt

Hazel Belcourt, a proud Urban American Indian Woman from Rocky Boy’s Indian Reservation, happily celebrated her 94th birthday April 3, 2023, and peacefully left this world one month later, May 3.

Hazel and Elmer Belcourt and their five daughters, all members of the Chippewa Cree Tribe, chose to be relocated from Rocky Boy’s Indian Reservation for economic reasons to Los Angeles, California, in 1965.

Hazel’s family from the Rocky Boy’s Indian Reservation left their home permanently and were relocated to an urban area and never returned to live on the reservation, however, she never forgot where she came from and we were all entertained by her many Indian ways she never forgot.

The Bureau of Indian Affairs Relocation Act Program was instrumental in providing Hazel’s family jobs and Elmer was able purchase a home for them in Huntington Beach, California, on the GI Bill after serving in WWII.

Transitioning to and living an urban life as a reservation-born individual is a unique situation in many ways. To reside in a metropolitan area, Hazel and her daughters had to continually learn many things most people take for granted in an established society. Running water for one!

Hazel had an exciting career in the aerospace industry in Southern California and retired from The Boeing Company after 25 years. She worked with a group of professionals instrumental in the moon landing in 1969. She worked side-by-side with Earl Woods when Tiger was only 5 years old and was told stories about his son.

Hazel loved making jewelry. She was proficient in cake decorating. Her travel stories are extensive as she traveled to Alaska, Hawaii, Mexico and to many places in the U.S.

Hazel moved from her home to a retirement community in Lake Forest, CA, then on to an assisted living facility in Tennessee.


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