People asked not to flush the wrong things down the toilet

Causes serious problems in sewer lines and at the treatment plant


Last updated 6/9/2023 at 12:13pm

Staff and wire report

Havre Public Works announced it is having problems with people flushing things down the toilet that should not go through that system. 

“Please do not flush anything but human waste, water and toilet paper,” a release from the department said. “Even items that claim that they are flushable do not break down and get stuck in sewer lines or create problems at the Waste Water Treatment Plant.

“These issues can be very expensive to repair, from the individual service lines to the mains and equipment at the Waste Water Treatment Plant,” the release said.

The release asked people to help with the issue.

“Please do your part to ensure that the sanitary sewer system does its job without being hindered by foreign materials,” the release said.


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