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'Twelfth Night' sees successful weekend shows

Montana Actors' Theatre's Ren Faire and production of "Twelfth Night" at Beaver Creek Park this weekend appears to have been a big success, with over 1,000 attendees and a successful show all three days.

MAT Executive Director Jay Pyette said the crowd was about the same as last year, but the events relocation to Eagles Campground on Beaver Creek Park made for a great event with tons of space for the Faire and everyone who went to it.

"It really worked out great," Pyette said.

He said he wanted to extend a big thank you to Beaver Creek Park Superintendent Chad Edgar and his crew for helping them use the park, which has been a great location for them this year and last year.

MAT's summer show has been expanding for the last four years with the first show, a production of "Cyrano de Bergerac," held in the Montana State University-Northern Student Union Building.

The next show, "Midsummer Night's Dream," was held in the bowl near Pershing Hall on campus, but the show moved to Beaver Creek Park last year with a production of "MacBeth," held at the Lions Campground, which could barely contain all the attendees.

This year, they moved to the Eagles Campground, which afforded them much-needed room for the event, and it will likely remain home to the event next year as well.

Pyette said the show went great and got a lot of laughs over all three days, the Friday rains having dried up by the time of their first production.

He said the vendors this year were great and so was the weather, but the children's activities were a standout success this year.

Children were able to have their faces painted, brew potions and make costumes as well as listen to a Shakspeare story hour with Sunnyside Intermediate School teacher Erin Lynch.

Pyette said the event had a lot of moving parts and he wants to thank the various organizations that helped make it happen including Hill County Search and Rescue which helped coordinate parking and was on standby with emergency services, and the Bear Paw Volunteer Fire Department for having their truck there the whole time.

"If it weren't for groups like that, this would be a lot more difficult to do," he said.

Pyette said he hopes to see everyone again next year.


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