Looking out my backdoor: It's not all peaches and cream


Last updated 8/11/2023 at 10:56am

Life. Huh.

It is hard not to label things, situations. Oh, that is bad. Oh, that is good. We don’t really know if what we call bad might not be really good. Hey, voice of experience here. Often, what I thought was the worst decision, the worst situation, in my life, turned out to be my greatest gift. Likewise, the opposite. Uh huh, both ways.

Wait and see.

Arrgh. Easy for you to say.

I can tell you what I think, hope, fear, all conjecture.

I think my son has lost his last wingnut. I think he is soaring along with a mid-life crisis. I think he just shot himself in the foot. He kno...

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