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Bulk Water Station again open

Havre Public Works announced Friday afternoon that the 16th Avenue Bulk Water Station is again working.

"After much time spent on the phone, getting soaked, and running from here to there and back again, the bulk water plant is again on line," the department said in a release. "We can't promise that it will work forever, so get there while the getting is good."

Due to a software issue, the city had to shut down the station last week. It temporarily sent people to the city shop for bulk water.

The department release said it is working to reduce the chance of the problem happening again.

"Thank you everyone for your patience and cooperation in this matter. We are looking at a more long-term solution to this whole catastrophe, but until then we have to work with what we have," the release said. "We feel the frustration just as much as our patrons and thank all of you for your understanding."


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