Help manage value of Beaver Creek Park on grazing committee


Last updated 10/10/2023 at 10:53am

The Hill County Commissioners have posted a call for applications for those interested in serving on the Park Board’s Grazing/Haying committee. The notice states there are four positions to be filled.

The Policies and Procedures for Grazing and Haying state there will be three ranchers on the committee. For several years now the committee had six ranchers on the committee. Of the six, five have conflicts of interest in that they or their families have grazing and/or haying privileges in the park.

Since grazing and haying have substantial influences on the natural resource values of the park and funds about half of the operating expenses of the park it is an important committee with obligations to look after the long term wellbeing of our park. We need folks with open minds, a willingness to investigate, ask difficult questions, have the difficult discussions and develop responsible recommendations.

We should not have folks that are exploiting our park for their own purposes making recommendations and decision on what happens in our park. It is not necessary to have advanced training or extensive experience in ecology, rangeland management, grazing or livestock to be an effective member of the grazing and haying committee. We need those folks that will move us forward in managing values of our park by serving on our Hill County Park Board’s committees.

Those interested, need to submit an application to the commissioners by Oct. 16.


Lou Hagener is a Certified Professional in Rangeland Management by the Society for Range Management, a home-grown resident of Havre, frequent user and advocate for Beaver Creek Park and a current member of the Hill County Park Board.


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