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Agenda - Cottonwood Schools board meetings

Cottonwood Schools District 57 May regular board/annual reorganizational meetings are scheduled for Tuesday, May 21, at the West Cottonwood School at 5 p.m.

The meeting agenda is:

1. Call Regular Meeting to Order ACTION

2. Roll Call

3. Approval of Consent Agenda (Board Minutes, Bills, Correspondence, Hearing of Patrons and Visitors). This is the point in the meeting for comments on matters not already on the agenda. Comments on agenda items will be accepted when that item comes up during the meeting.

I. Superintendent Report


I. U.S.A. Flag – West

II. Policy 3141 Non-Resident Student Enrollment a.k.a. Tuition Bill

III. 2024-2025 Out of District Attendance Agreements: Currently Enrolled Families

IV. 2024-2025 Classified Contracts: Update

V. MTSBA Policy Notes – March 19, 2024 Polices – Second Reading: Refer to Addendum

5. Organizational Meeting (Clerk presides)

I. Reorganization of the Board

a. Swearing in Trustees

b. Election of Chair

c. Election of Vice Chair (Chair presides)

d. Appointment of Clerk

II. Recess

6. Reconvene Regular Meeting

New Business

• Teacher Items: 1) Internship; 2) Miscellaneous

• 2nd Semester TR-6 FYI

III. 2024-2025 Supplies & Book Orders

IV. 2024-2025 Handbooks: 1) Staff; 2) Student/Parent; 3) Bus Driver Handbook

V. Job Descriptions

7. Set date, time and place for next quarter meeting ACTION ITEMS


Items listed above do not necessarily indicate the order in which they will be addressed


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