Pony swimmers return from the break with good races in Hardin


January 6, 2020

As the Havre High swim team put in some good work at the Havre and Great Falls Invitationals, it was on to the Class A Meet in Hardin last Saturday, where the Blue Pony swimmers looked to make a big splash among some of the elite in the pool.

Havre faced off against the Billings Central Rams and the Hardin Bulldogs in a tough divisional matchup, which resulted in the Ponies taking third place on both the boys and girls teams. The girls team put up 115 points and the boys racked up 119 points last Saturday.

Though the teams did not place as high as they had hoped, there were still some good performances among the individuals in the multiple events that took place throughout the day.

Carson Sandstrom made a good start on his day with a first-place finish in the boys 200 yard freestyle with a time of 2:07.99, followed by a fourth-place finish for Megan Miller in the girls 200 yard IM with a 2:42.73. Blakelee Lines finished right behind Miller in fifth place with a 2:55.93 in the same race.

Kobi Burchard took second place in the girls 100-yard butterfly with a 1:16.65, followed by Megan Miller, who had a third-place finish and a time of 1:16.92. Sandstrom added another first place finish at the meet in the boys 500-yard freestyle, where he finished with a 6:14.25.

Senior Jacob Miller picked up a first-place finish of his own in the boys 100-yard backstroke with a time of 1:06.78. Sophomore Hiram Cammon took a first-place spot as well in the boys 100-yard breaststroke, ending with a 1:21.27.

HHS head coach Bill Kilgore and his team may have not had the outcome they were aiming for, but a sound performance by multiple individuals is still a very good thing to see. Even so, Havre will be working hard to push their limits and make some noise as the season continues.

Jacob and Megan Miller continue to impress within their events, along with Burchard, while younger swimmers like Cammon and Sandstrom have proved to be excellent competitors who have a lot of talent and some years left with the Blue Ponies. On top of that, the team as a whole has been putting in a lot of effort to make it far in the year.

Next up, Havre heads down to Bozeman for another big, highly competitive meet in the Bozeman Invitational. The Class AA Bozeman Invitational will take place Saturday in Bozeman.

2020 Class A Meet

in Hardin

Team scores

GIRLS – 1. Billings Central 226, 2. Hardin 150, 3. Havre 115

BOYS – 1. Hardin 200, 2. Billings Central 176, 3. Havre 119

Individual scores

Girls 200 Yard Medley Relay

A1 2:04.20 BCH A2 2:12.62 HAR A3 2:13.61 HAV B4 2:19.77 BCH B5 2:30.82 HAV B6 2:34.62 HAR C7 2:34.97 BCH C8 2:57.10 HAR

Boys 200 Yard Medley Relay

A1 1:54.90 HAR A2 1:59.94 BCH A3 2:02.98 HAV B4 2:13.68 BCH B5 2:28.78 HAR B6 2:49.02 HAV

Girls 200 Yard Freestyle

BCH1 2:10.15 Early, Alyson BCH 152 2:19.37 Anderson, Katelyn N HAR3 2:32.08 Flamm, Macie BCH 164 2:32.11 Kunz, Riley S HAV5 2:32.65 Flammond, Morgan HAR6 2:36.63 Uffleman, Abby HAV8 2:49.89 Riggin, Willow

Boys 200 Yard Freestyle

HAV1 2:07.99 Sandstrom, Carson HAR2 2:10.82 Yarlott, Jayden BCH3 2:24.90 Walks Over Ice, Wynn BCH4 2:26.59 Snyder, Philip HAR5 2:36.69 Mark, Toby BCH6 2:42.87 Johnson, Reese HAV8 2:49.69 Klein, Riley

Girls 200 Yard IM

BCH1 2:12.46 O'Neil, Rylee BCH2 2:37.09 Smith, Ellie HAR3 2:40.73 Kogolshak, Rylee HAV4 2:42.73 Miller, Megan HAV5 2:55.93 Lines, Blakelee BCH6 2:56.15 Martin, Aspen

Boys 200 Yard IM Age

BCH 181 2:15.94 Apostol, Bennett B HAV2 2:25.45 Miller, Jacob HAR3 2:31.16 Wood, Bonner BCH4 2:33.40 Molloy, Jake; HAR5 2:42.13 Whiteman, Josh BCH 176 2:43.80 Richert, Ethan M HAV7 2:52.09 Blackwell, Brigham HAR8 3:20.99 Stops, Garren

Girls 50 Yard Freestyle

BCH 171 25.56 Peterson, Julia M HAR2 29.06 Roan, Kailee HAR3 29.61 Lind, Angeleena BCH4 29.75 Fink, Ava BCH 175 30.17 Bodine, Lauren M HAR6 30.54 Nedens, Libby

Boys 50 Yard Freestyle

HAR1 23.35 Stevens, Dominic BCH2 25.76 Hilton, Brett HAR3 27.48 Nedens, Dalton HAR4 28.65 Walks Over Ice, Buren HAR5 28.95 Cummins, Caiden BCH6 30.15 Bartholomew

Girls 100 Yard Butterfly

BCH1 59.87 O'Neil, Rylee HAV2 1:16.65 Burchard, Kobi HAV3 1:16.92 Miller, Megan BCH 154 1:21.31 Anderson, Katelyn N HAR5 1:21.43 Osborn, Ashlee BCH6 1:33.46 Milburn, Lliana

Boys 100 Yard Butterfly

HAR1 55.94 Stevens, Dominic BCH2 1:07.58 Molloy, Jake HAR3 1:07.74 Wood, Bonner HAR4 1:08.48 Mark, Caleb BCH 175 1:14.66 Richert, Ethan M HAV6 1:16.42 Cammon, Hiram

Girls 100 Yard Freestyle

BCH 171 56.11 Peterson, Julia M HAR2 58.51 Three Irons, Andrea BCH3 58.79 Early, Alyson HAR4 1:05.37 Roan, Kailee HAR5 1:07.91 Flamm, Macie BCH6 1:08.53 Snell, Maria

Boys 100 Yard Freestyle

BCH 181 53.71 Apostol, Bennett B HAR2 59.40 Whiteman, Josh; BCH3 59.72 Snyder, Philip BCH4 1:00.63 Hilton, Brett HAV5 1:01.65 Blackwell, Brigham HAR6 1:04.61 Nedens, Dalton

Girls 500 Yard Freestyle

BCH1 6:52.22 Martin, Aspen HAR2 7:01.75 Uffleman, Abby BCH3 7:10.08 Davison, Abigail HAR4 7:15.41 Poitra, Celea BCH 175 7:21.70 Burmeister, Olivia K HAR6 7:22.53 Wells, Darby HAV8 7:50.09 Messineo, Tori

Boys 500 Yard Freestyle

HAV1 6:14.25 Sandstrom, Carson HAR2 6:16.33 Yarlott, Jayden BCH3 6:31.12 Walks Over Ice, Wynn BCH4 7:44.10 Johnson, Reese HAR5 7:52.78 Swisse, Kent HAV6 7:54.26 Powell, Troy BCH7 8:23.75 McGovern, Brenden

Girls 200 Yard Freestyle Relay

A1 1:53.55 HAR; A2 1:55.73 BCH; A3 1:58.31 HAV; B4 2:05.23 BCH; B5 2:06.27 HAR; C6 2:16.29 HAR; B7 2:17.06 HAV; D8 2:27.23 HAR

Boys 200 Yard Freestyle Relay

A1 1:40.29 HAR; A2 1:43.35 BCH; B3 1:57.39 HAR; A4 2:11.62 HAV; C5 2:18.53 HAR; B6 2:20.31 BCH; B7 2:37.49 HAV

Girls 100 Yard Backstroke

HAR1 1:08.63 Three Irons, Andrea BCH2 1:09.69 Smith, Ellie BCH3 1:23.14 Snell, Maria BCH4 1:27.72 Eaton, Brighid BCH5 1:28.55 McGrail, Mollie BCH 176 1:29.39 Burmeister, Olivia K HAV7 1:29.92 Lines, Emme HAV8 1:30.58 Flammond, Morgan

Boys 100 Yard Backstroke

HAV1 1:06.78 Miller, Jacob HAR2 1:08.06 Mark, Caleb BCH3 1:18.89 Ross, Christian BCH4 1:21.10 Bartholomew, Jordan HAR5 1:27.00 Swisse, Kent HAR6 1:37.75 Stops, Garren HAV8 1:43.43 McKay, Connor

Girls 100 Yard Breaststroke

HAR1 1:16.98 Kogolshak, Rylee BCH 172 1:20.10 Bodine, Lauren M HAV3 1:20.50 Burchard, Kobi HAV4 1:27.68 Rhines, Angela BCH5 1:28.97 Fink, Ava BCH6 1:29.74 Davison, Abigail HAV7 1:29.90 Lines, Blakelee

Boys 100 Yard Breaststroke

HAV1 1:21.27 Cammon, Hiram HAR2 1:23.71 Mark, Toby BCH3 1:24.03 Ross, Christian HAR4 1:30.23 Cummins, Caiden HAV5 1:30.24 Hagstrom, Wyatt HAR6 1:34.74 Walks Over Ice, Buren

Girls 400 Yard Freestyle Relay

A1 3:58.67 BCH; A2 4:29.53 HAR; B3 4:59.43 BCH; A4 5:14.16 HAV; B5 5:36.21 HAV; C6 5:45.08 BCH

Boys 400 Yard Freestyle Relay

A1 4:02.96 HAR; A2 4:03.45 HAV; A3 4:28.56 BCH; B4 4:45.96 HAR; C5 5:30.47 HAR; B6 5:38.62 BCH; B7 5:41.91.


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