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Out Our Way: The quiet one - Isaiah 42:1-9

Out our way, I found working cattle was a lot different from what I grew up seeing on TV. Of course, there is a difference between trailing cattle hundreds of miles and simply... — Updated 1/15/2021


Pastor's Corner: Abiding in Christ

This next work week, Monday-Friday, Jan. 18-22, the Greater Havre Area Ministerial Association - G.H.A.M.A. - will be leading our community in observing the "Week of Prayer for... — Updated 1/15/2021


Hello, God. It's me, Mara.

You know, Lord, as a child, I can imagine that any one of us just loved it when our mom would read to us. We would sit on Mama's lap and listen to every word. As she read, we would... — Updated 1/15/2021


Out Our Way: Calving season - Revelation 21:1-5

Out our way, the New Year is truly a time of new beginnings - especially out in the pastures, for calving season is nearly upon us. It is a rough time for the ranchers who have to... — Updated 1/8/2021


Pastor's Corner: A chinook wind

As another chinook wind blows in, I feel the urging to contemplate the Holy Spirit. The Spirit is associated with the natural phenomenon of wind, active at creation as Gen. 1:2 note... — Updated 1/8/2021


Hello, God. It's me, Mara.

Just sharing a poem about the New Year - author unknown - that a friend shared: A PRAYER FOR THE NEW YEAR God of the years that lie behind us, Lord of the years that stretch... — Updated 1/8/2021


Out Our Way: Babysitting cows - Titus 2:11-14

Out our way, I rode a big bay quarter horse I called "Doc." His official name was "Goliath" as he stood 16½ hands high and weighed in at around 1,200-plus pounds. But I... — Updated 12/31/2020


Pastors Corner: The sound of hope

Unprecedented. Isolating. Revealing. Complicated. Joyful. Flexibility. Essential. Humbling. Growth. Pivotal. Unpredictable. Emotionally and spiritually challenging. Creativity.... — Updated 12/31/2020


Hello, God. It's me, Mara.

You know, Lord, a New Year starts this week, help us keep the star in mind, the one the Wisemen followed as we read in Matthew 2:9 and 11: "And lo, the star, which they saw in the... — Updated 12/31/2020


Grief Poem - Hugs and Love

A New Year starts, we need some hugs, hugs are so comforting. In these hard times we’re all alone, it pulls on our heart’s strings. Affection is feelings of love; sincere, special and warm. This joyfulness comes from above and... — Updated 12/31/2020


Pastor's Corner: God with us … Really!

As we celebrate Christmas and move toward the end of 2020, so many people are experiencing what Saint John of the Cross called the “dark night of the soul” — a time and/or season of life in which we are lonely, out of touch... — Updated 12/24/2020


Out Our Way: Thinking of mangers - Luke 2:1-20

Out our way, the trail for home always seems to take forever, but at the same time it is when the heart is lighter and the aches and pains of the day seem less. As I have noted before, ole Doc always seems to have a bit more zip... — Updated 12/24/2020


Hello, God. It's me, Mara.

You know, Lord, the old is everlastingly new as we anticipate the celebration of Christmas. Though that special event, Your gift of Your only begotten Son from heaven, happened about 2000 years ago, it is unendingly a pristine, a... — Updated 12/24/2020


Out Our Way: Believe and keep looking - Matthew 11:2-10

Out our way, quite often herding the cattle is made easier by their tendency after breeding to stick together. Even the bulls, who will attack each other viciously when the cows... — Updated 12/19/2020


Pastor's Corner Northern Montana Care Center Christmas worship services

As many of you readers are already aware, I am the very, very part-time chaplain at the Northern Montana Care Center, and have been since November of 2019. Unfortunately, due to... — Updated 12/19/2020


Hello, God. It's me, Mara.

Long time ago, when we were kids "training" for Christmas show, we almost didn't have 'nuf kids to make the show a go! The church was small, 'bout 'leven kids, they all wanted a... — Updated 12/19/2020


Out Our Way: christmas or Christmas? - Isaiah 9:2-7

Out our way, I noticed that, after a long ride, Doc always picked up his gait when we were heading for home. No matter how tired he seemed to be from it all, when we got close to the stable, grain bucket and reunion with his... — Updated 12/11/2020


Pastor's Corner: Joy? At a time like this?

This Sunday, Dec. 13, will be the third Sunday in Advent. On this Sunday, we light the third candle on the Advent Wreath. This candle is called the Shepherds Candle - the pink... — Updated 12/11/2020


Hello, God. It's me, Mara.

You know, Lord, sometimes holidays can be difficult. A friend's reminder about so many more obits in the paper due to COVID-19, as we are now entering the holiday season, surely... — Updated 12/11/2020


Our Our Way: The great chinook - Matthew 24:4-14

Out our way, this time of year, the snows have begun and the cold winds are blowing from the Arctic with nothing but a barbed wire fence between us and the North Pole. It is a time... — Updated 12/4/2020


Pastor's Corner: Do the right thing

This seems a fairly obvious message to emanate from the Christian church. For much of this pandemic, however, the message that has gotten out from the Christian community is that... — Updated 12/4/2020


Hello, God. It's me, Mara.

It's amazing, Lord, when one finds an interesting article to share! The following is by Ruth C. Ikerman, titled: "Do what You Don't Have To DO." "A friend who thoroughly enjoys... — Updated 12/4/2020


Grief Poem: Share and Care

No rush today, it's winter time - just watch for the mail man. Have cuppa tea, find recipe, or maybe call "Ruthann." Blocked windows tight, keeps cold air out; best bring in load... — Updated 12/4/2020


Pastor's Corner: The Advent of Christ

It's Christmas, the most wonderful time of year - right? Well, not quite, at least not liturgically. Advent is a time of preparation. In the secular world during a typical year, tha... — Updated 11/27/2020


Hello, God. It's me, Mara.

You know, Lord, sometimes we just need to say “Thank You, Lord” for being so good to us, for always being so loving and kind. It’s a necessity to speak out and tell others that we are redeemed, that we are saved from our enem... — Updated 11/27/2020


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