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Letter to the Editor - Should we cheer killing babies?

Dear editor, Since the Supreme Court of the United States ruled on overturning Roe vs Wade on abortion, the liberal Democrats have screamed how their “rights” have been violated. They — the liberals — use terms such as... — Updated 6/30/2022

 By Pam Burke    Opinion 

View from the North 40: Will the Proterozoic past be our variant future?

I have been on tenterhooks for a month now, not just about the excitement of having a practical use for a juicy, old-timey word like tenterhooks, but also, and mostly, about... — Updated 6/30/2022

 By Sondra Ashton    Opinion 

Looking out my Backdoor: An imaginary story, none of which, or all of which, is true!

One day in the far distant future, back when I was God, time is relative, one of my very intelligent earth persons proved that, but more will be revealed, anyway, one day one of my... — Updated 6/30/2022


Farmers should support financial tools to fight climate change

Montana Sen. Jon Tester, the only active farmer in the U.S. Senate, identified the problem when he said, “I just came off the worst year ever on my farm. We need to do something on climate change. I think we spent $144 billion... — Updated 6/30/2022


Letter to the Editor - Topic - Havre Has It

Editor, This June the Havre community played gracious host to the MSU Northern Traffic Education Program, as it has each year for nearly three decades. While here, licensed teachers from around the state work with local high school... — Updated 6/27/2022


Rice on destroying our institutions: "Over my dead body"

At the celebration of the 50th Anniversary of Montana’s 1972 Constitution, there were many memorable moments, including the presentation of Jim Rice, Associate Justice of the Montana Supreme Court, during the panel discussion... — Updated 6/27/2022

 By Sondra Ashton    Opinion

Looking out my Backdoor: A Dangerous Corner in the Road

Yesterday, I took a deep breath and offered my services for a job, for which not only am I ill-prepared, but in my deep heart-of-hearts, I know I cannot do. This will seem like... — Updated 6/24/2022

 By Pam Burke    Opinion

View from the North 40: Color me genius

I don’t know why I’m the one who always has to come up with the solutions to society’s big problems, but here I am shouldering the responsibility again. This time, though,... — Updated 6/24/2022


Flooding and our future: a unique insurance policy

“The damage is catastrophic,” a Red Lodge business owner said. “We’re between a rock and a hard place. And if we don’t get some assistance, we’re not gonna make it.” He speaks for all of us who were hard hit by the... — Updated 6/24/2022


Come help us drive kids to school

My work with children has largely been voluntary over the years, from HELP in the 1980s to CASA this century. Each are programs I heartily recommend. After losing custody of my boys nearly 40 years ago, I also mentored a handful... — Updated 6/24/2022


The Postscript: Lucky squirrel

My husband, Peter, and I went to our first concert in the park last night. We brought our folding chairs and ate food from the food trucks. The weather was perfect, and the music was good. But upstaging the band were a pair of... — Updated 6/21/2022


Talking education in the interim

As part of my work as a member of the Senate Interim Education Committee, I was in Helena a couple of days these past two weeks participating in meetings. One discussion was how to get quality based CTE — career and technical... — Updated 6/21/2022


Obituary - Patty Jo Klundt

Patty Jo Klundt, born March 7, 1948, met Jesus June 9, 2022. Truly another “Daughter of the Prairie” has finished her course, following her Mother, Gladys and Grandmas Martha and Matilda — all long-suffering, now at last reun... — Updated 6/19/2022


Letter to the Editor - A wakeup call for climate action now

Editor, There’s no doubt about it; Montana summers are getting hotter and our winters are not producing the consistent levels of snowpack we need to avoid record-breaking fire seasons. And it’s not going unnoticed, over 90% of... — Updated 6/16/2022

 By Pam Burke    Opinion

View from the North 40: Let's pop open a refreshing can of freedom and security

As we all know, or should know, or kind of remember but the exact details escape us, Sweden and Finland applied May 18 to join NATO, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, in the... — Updated 6/16/2022

 By Sondra Ashton    Opinion

Looking out my Backdoor: No more monkeys jumping on the bed

I suppose you’ve all heard about the latest horror disease, monkey pox? Evidently, this near cousin to small pox is transmitted by bodily contact. I want you to know I’ve sworn... — Updated 6/16/2022

 By Carrie Classon    Opinion

The Postscript: White dresses

I’ve been under some stress lately. I’ve written a novel, and now I have to wait to find someone who thinks it’s worth publishing. (I happen to think it is, for the record.)... — Updated 6/14/2022


Letter to the Editor - Thanks American Legion Riders and all who helped with Wounded Warriors fundraiser

Editor, I was contacted by Brian Carpenter of the Havre American Legion Riders about doing a motorcycle poker run fundraiser for Montana Wounded Warriors Memorial Day weekend.  Havre has been a great supporter of our organization... — Updated 6/13/2022


It's time to bring Big Medicine home

The Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes — CSKT — held their Bison Range Restoration Celebration May 20-22, 2022, which was a monumental day that represented the righting of a terrible time in our U.S. history by restoring... — Updated 6/9/2022

 By Pam Burke    Opinion

View from the North 40: 'Wait … what?'

Welcome to the latest edition of “Wait … what?” the feature in which we here at Pamville News highlight all the “News to Confuse” — the everyday stories that make us... — Updated 6/9/2022


Why I oppose the RV storage ordinance

I want to address Ordinance No. 925 where the ordinance states that “snowmobiles, boats, or other recreational vehicles and campers, camper trailers, or motor homes must be parked in a rear yard unless the rear yard is... — Updated 6/9/2022

 By Sondra Ashton    Opinion

Looking out my Backdoor: Haircut day at mi casa

Rainy season has arrived early. Hooray! Hooray! Evening rains revive this parched mountain valley. Trees tilt their sombreros when I walk by. When one hasn’t seen rain in nine... — Updated 6/9/2022

 By Carrie Classon    Opinion

The Postscript: Hot sandwiches

I have been trying, for as long as I can remember and with limited success, to learn Spanish. My husband, Peter, says I am good, but that is because he does not speak Spanish, so if... — Updated 6/7/2022


Letter to the Editor - Please vote

Editor, If your candidate, or the candidates’ party, questions election integrity, including our local level officials, they are sending us voters a message. What that exact message’s is unclear, but it is meant to place... — Updated 6/3/2022


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