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Pony grapplers make strides at Class A Duals


January 27, 2020

Class A wrestling has never been easy. That's because it's loaded with good competition.

That was especially the case when it came to the Class A Duals that took place in Lewistown Friday and Saturday, where the Havre High wrestling team looked to make some noise.

The Blue Pony grapplers may not have placed as high as they wished with a seventh place finish, but Havre put in some great work and had some wrestlers like Connor Harris, Mick Chagnon and Orion Thivierge finishing undefeated over the weekend.

HHS head coach Beau LaSalle was glad to see his team put in some great work in Lewistown, even if the team did not finish as high as they had hoped.

“It went pretty well,” LaSalle said. “We didn’t finish the way we wanted to, but all the duals we lost were close. They were one or two swing matches that didn’t go our way. The matches we won did go our way. When you have a couple of forfeits it starts you off in a hole, but I thought we wrestled well.”

Havre opened the pool portion of the duals with a win over the Browning Indians 42-33 with five pins in the dual. The Ponies followed with a shutout win over Stevensville-Victor 72-0 with some more pins by the Havre matmen. HHS came to its first roadblock in the Frenchtown Broncs in a 36-26 loss in round four.

But the Blue Pony grapplers picked up a nice revenge win of 45-18 over the Glendive Red Devils in the fifth round, with four more pins and a couple decisions to grab the win, taking Havre to the championship Saturday.

LaSalle saw a lot of prowess on the mat Friday and Saturday, but there was one thing that stood out specifically.

“We had some kids go undefeated and just do what they needed to do every match,” LaSalle said. “Connor Harris beat the No. 3 kid in the state from Libby pretty handily by technical fall, so that was big by separating himself. Mick Chagnon was undefeated and Orion Thivierge did a good job. We bumped him up to fill our lineup in, and we won all his matches, so that was good.”

Havre started off Saturday's championship bracket with a win over Libby-Troy, 47-28 another four pins and a Harris 17-2 technical fall win over Trey Thompson. But the Blue Pony matmen fell to Miles City 43-27 in the quarterfinals, moving Havre down to the consolation duals.

The Ponies picked up another win over Browning, 45-30 in round two of consolation to move on to round three, but HHS lost in that round to the Lewistown Golden Eagles 36-24, moving the Blue Ponies to fight for seventh place against the Corvallis Blue Devils.

Havre put in great work against the Blue Devils to win seventh place 54-24 and capped off the undefeated weekend for Harris, Chagnon and Thivierge. The dual versus Corvallis saw the Blue Ponies put up eight pins, the quickest being by Thivierge over Bryce Weidow 38 seconds into the match.

Overall, HHS put up some great work, but LaSalle saw a lot of challenges from a couple teams over the weekend in Lewistown.

“As far as a dual goes, the toughest matchup we had was Miles City,” LaSalle said. “We didn’t match up real well with them as far as individual matchups go. Lewistown was tough, too. We had a couple matches that didn’t go our way, same with Frenchtown. They’ve got tough kids all the way to the bottom of their lineup and had a couple kids win some swing matchups for them. Those three teams were about the toughest competition-wise.”

Next up, the Havre grapplers will head to Malta for the Malta Invite Saturday to wrap up the regular season before Divisionals in Lewistown Feb. 8.

Class A Duals in Lewistown

Havre defeated Browning 42-33

103 - Chris Hall (Browning) over Joey Bender (Havre) Fall 3:23; 113 - Mick Chagnon (Havre) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf120 - Riley Pleninger (Havre) over Ashton Flamand (Browning) Fall 0:52; 126 - Hunter Velk (Havre) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf; 132 - Cameron Pleninger (Havre) over Quentin Campos (Browning) Fall 4:38; 138 - Jeff Madman (Browning) over Kendall Pleninger (Havre) Fall 2:45; 145 - Kale VanCampen (Havre) over Aaron Wells (Browning) Fall 1:47; 152 - Randy Tommerup (Havre) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf; 160 - Chance Kittson (Browning) over Randy Tommerup (Havre) Dec 7-3; 170 - Orion Thivierge (Havre) over Brennyn Runningcrane (Browning) Fall 1:56; 182 - Charlie Bullcalf (Browning) over Brayden Stadell (Havre) Fall 1:35; 205 - Jayden Salios (Browning) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf; 285 - Chuck Braverock (Browning) over Cole Adams (Havre) Fall 1:25

Match #3 Round 3

Havre defeated Stevensville 72-0

126 - Cameron Pleninger (Havre) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf; 132 - Cameron Pleninger (Havre) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf; 138 - Kale VanCampen (Havre) over Jeffrey Berryman (Stevensville / Victor) Fall 1:42; 145 - Kendall Pleninger (Havre) over Aaron Springer (Stevensville / Victor) Fall 0:20; 152 - Randy Tommerup (Havre) over Dylan Janes (Stevensville / Victor) Fall 1:38; 160 - Connor Harris (Havre) over Tristan Riel (Stevensville / Victor) Fall 0:41; 170 - Orion Thivierge (Havre) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf; 182 - Brayden Stadell (Havre) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf; 205 - Double Forfeit; 285 - Cole Adams (Havre) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf; 103 - Joey Bender (Havre) over Devin McLane (Stevensville / Victor) Fall 4:49; 113 - Mick Chagnon (Havre) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf; 120 - Riley Pleninger (Havre) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf.

Frenchtown defeated Havre 36-26

138 - John Warner (Frenchtown) over Kendall Pleninger (Havre) Fall 3:38; 145 - Smokey Stoker (Frenchtown) over Kale VanCampen (Havre) Dec 3-1; 152 - Randy Tommerup (Havre) over Peyton Hicks (Frenchtown) Dec 5-2; 160 - Connor Harris (Havre) over Noah Rausch (Frenchtown) TF 16-1; 170 - Orion Thivierge (Havre) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf; 182 - Canyon Shope (Frenchtown) over Brayden Stadell (Havre) Fall 0:53; 205 - Double Forfeit; 285 - Tate Jones (Frenchtown) over Cole Adams (Havre) Fall 1:14; 103 - Landen Stewart (Frenchtown) over Joey Bender (Havre) Fall 1:26; 113 - Mick Chagnon (Havre) over Porter Tollefson (Frenchtown) Fall 0:54; 120 - Eli Warner (Frenchtown) over Riley Pleninger (Havre) Dec 10-6; 126 - Jake Bibler (Frenchtown) over Hunter Velk (Havre) Fall 0:16; 132 - Cameron Pleninger (Havre) over Zane Schroeder (Frenchtown) Fall 1:39

Havre defeated Glendive 45-18

145 - Kale VanCampen (Havre) over Mason Whitmer (Glendive) Dec 2-1; 152 - Connor Harris (Havre) over Justin Skartved (Glendive) Fall 0:23; 160 - Orion Thivierge (Havre) over Jacoby Mattern (Glendive) Dec 17-11; 170 - Double Forfeit; 182 - Nelson Crisafulli (Glendive) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf; 205 - Micheal Marley (Glendive) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf; 285 - Kirby Basta (Glendive) over Cole Adams (Havre) Fall 1:35; 103 - Joey Bender (Havre) over Sheldon Rod (Glendive) Dec 9-4; 113 - Mick Chagnon (Havre) over Austin Berry (Glendive) Fall 3:14; 120 - Riley Pleninger (Havre) over Tristan Jarvis (Glendive) Fall 1:36; 126 - Hunter Velk (Havre) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf; 132 - Cameron Pleninger (Havre) over Jackson Almond (Glendive) Fall 1:01; 138 - Kendall Pleninger (Havre) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf

Havre defeated Libby / Troy 47-28

103 - Cael Schwindt (Libby / Troy) over Joey Bender (Havre) Fall 1:08; 113 - Mick Chagnon (Havre) over Matthew Niemi (Libby / Troy) Fall 1:08; 120 - Riley Pleninger (Havre) over Ryan Schwegel (Libby / Troy) Fall 0:27; 126 - Xander Spady (Libby / Troy) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf; 132 - Cameron Pleninger (Havre) over Rusty Gillespie (Libby / Troy) Fall 0:23; 138 - Kale VanCampen (Havre) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf; 145 - Kale VanCampen (Havre) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf; 152 - Connor Harris (Havre) over Trey Thompson (Libby / Troy) TF 17-2; 160 - Tucker Masters (Libby / Troy) over Randy Tommerup (Havre) Maj 15-5; 170 - Orion Thivierge (Havre) over Cody Crace (Libby / Troy) Fall 0:25; 182 - Brayden Stadell (Havre) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf; 205 - Tyler Smith (Libby / Troy) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf; 285 - Aydan Williamson (Libby / Troy) over Cole Adams (Havre) Fall 2:50

Miles City defeated Havre 43-27, QF

113 - Mick Chagnon (Havre) over Braxton Scheeler (Miles City) Fall 3:51; 120 - Orin Muri (Miles City) over Hunter Velk (Havre) Fall 1:01

; 126 - Currey Brown (Miles City) over Riley Pleninger (Havre) Dec 8-4; 132 - Cameron Pleninger (Havre) over Bryce Hirsch (Miles City) TF 16-0; 138 - Damian Leidholt (Miles City) over Kendall Pleninger (Havre) Fall 2:33; 145 - Kaid Campbell (Miles City) over Kale VanCampen (Havre) Fall 1:49; 152 - Dalton Tvedt (Miles City) over Randy Tommerup (Havre) Maj 11-1; 160 - Connor Harris (Havre) over Brenan Hager (Miles City) Maj 10-1; 170 - Orion Thivierge (Havre) over Nate Mcavoy (Miles City) Fall 3:59; 182 - Jaiden Gibson (Miles City) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf; 205 - Brody Landrum (Custer Co. (Miles City)) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf; 285 - Gabe Walker (Miles City) over Cole Adams (Havre) Fall 1:32; 103 - Joey Bender (Havre) over Haiden Oakland (Miles City) Fall 4:16

Havre defeated Browning 45-30, LO

120 - Riley Pleninger (Havre) over Ashton Flamand (Browning) Fall 1:56; 126 - Hunter Velk (Havre) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf; 132 - Cameron Pleninger (Havre) over Quentin Campos (Browning) Fall 5:01; 138 - Jeff Madman (Browning) over Kendall Pleninger (Havre) Fall 2:40; 145 - Kale VanCampen (Havre) over Aaron Wells (Browning) Dec 9-7; 152 - Connor Harris (Havre) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf; 160 - Chance Kittson (Browning) over Randy Tommerup (Havre) Fall 1:56; 170 - Orion Thivierge (Havre) over Brennyn Runningcrane (Browning) Fall 3:25; 182 - Tommy Cambell (Browning) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf; 205 - Brendyn Whiteman (Browning) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf; 285 - Chuck Braverock (Browning) over Cole Adams (Havre) Fall 0:2; 103 - Joey Bender (Havre) over Chris Hall (Browning) Fall 2:46; 113 - Mick Chagnon (Havre) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf

Lewistown defeated Havre 36-24, LO

126 - Cooper Birdwell (Lewistown) over Cameron Pleninger (Havre) Maj 17-6; 132 - Double Forfeit; 138 - Colton Picco (Lewistown) over Kendall Pleninger (Havre) Fall 4:23

; 145 - Kale VanCampen (Havre) over Ashton Grover (Lewistown) Dec 9-3; 152 - Connor Harris (Havre) over Thad Nave (Lewistown) Fall 1:06; 160 - Duane Otto II (Lewistown) over Randy Tommerup (Havre) TF 22-7; 170 - Orion Thivierge (Havre) over Keaton Potter (Lewistown) Dec 11-6; 182 - Treyvn Nave (Lewistown) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf; 205 - Landon Farrar (Lewistown) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf; 285 - Dylan Morris (Lewistown) over Cole Adams (Havre) Fall 3:44; 103 - Damen McCord (Lewistown) over Joey Bender (Havre) Dec 3-0; 113 - Mick Chagnon (Havre) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf; 120 - Riley Pleninger (Havre) over Kason Olson (Lewistown) Fall 3:03

Havre defeated Corvallis 54-24, 7th

138 - Kale VanCampen (Havre) over James Wissenbach (Corvallis) Fall 1:00; 145 - Triston Davis (Corvallis) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf; 152 - Connor Harris (Havre) over Ethan Chavez (Corvallis) Fall 1:29; 160 - Randy Tommerup (Havre) over Liam Sutherland (Corvallis) Fall 5:12; 170 - Orion Thivierge (Havre) over Bryce Weidow (Corvallis) Fall 0:38; 182 - Derrik Weisweaver (Corvallis) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf; 205 - Ben Holtzen (Corvallis) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf; 285 - Cole Adams (Havre) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf; 103 - Joey Bender (Havre) over Ashton Slate Buhler (Corvallis) Fall 2:42; 113 - Mick Chagnon (Havre) over Johnathan Williams (Corvallis) Fall 1:02; 120 - Riley Pleninger (Havre) over Kanyon Stoker (Corvallis) Fall 0:5; 126 - Jason Davis (Corvallis) over Hunter Velk (Havre) Fall 0:40; 132 - Cameron Pleninger (Havre) over Nate Davis (Corvallis) Fall 0:41.


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