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Where do they get the alcohol?


August 8, 2002

Underagers obtain alcohol from a variety of sources.

Some underagers have false identification, either from an older sibling or manufactured with computer software. Others are allowed to drink in the privacy of their home with their parents' permission. Most, however, rely on older friends or acquaintances to get beer or liquor.

"These kids have no problem getting liquor because they have the money," City Court Judge Joyce Perszyk said. "They have to buy it somewhere. Somebody is buying it for them."

In high school, Julie Toldness and her friends would cruise for a while until they spotted a "buyer." They would flash their lights at the driver until he or she pulled over. After placing their order, Toldness said, they would arrange to meet the buyer in a different parking lot.

Using fake IDs, it is much easier to purchase alcohol at grocery or convenience stores than to get served at a bar, college students say.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta estimates that at least two-thirds of alcohol outlets sell to underage purchasers without asking for identification.


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