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HHS homecoming royalty


September 24, 2009

Alice Campbell Havre Daily News [email protected]

If there's one memory from high school that everyone remembers, it's homecoming week, with its broken dress code rules and creative, colorful decorations. At Havre High School, it's no different this week Blue Pony spirit runs rampant in the hallways with crepe paper streamers, balloons and lots of sparkles. The homecoming court was recognized for its role in the school during a special assembly Wednesday morning, and each person on the court had a large resume of their involvement in the school community that was read as they walked down the auditorium aisles. Ko d y Hi c kma n a n d Ka t i e Christianson were announced as the freshman class attendants on the court. The sophomore class chose- Trygg Moog and Kristi Hickman as representatives. The juniors were represented by Payton Robertson and Robin Davey. Isaac Pedraza and Ali Maloughney carried the crowns onto the stage before the senior representatives were announced. While each of the lower class attendants received hearty applause, the cheers were loudest when senior attendants Will DeVries, Holly Cartwright, Bobby Horne, Mary Kaercher, Jake Myers, Haley Lippy, Layne Waid and Morgan McCann took the stage. Pr i n c i p a l J e r r y Va n d e r s l o o t announced the winners: King Will DeVries and Queen Holly Cartwright. She wasn't expecting the crown, but Cartwright said it felt "pretty good" anyway. "All these girls are queens, really," she said about the other girls on the court. DeVries said he wasn't expecting the title either, but that he considered it an honor from the student body. Both have busy schedules. DeVries plays football and hockey, runs track and plays baseball. He also finds time to hold down a part-time job. Cartwright plays softball and volleyball. She's civic minded with participation in the Student Congress and as the secretary for the senior class. Like DeVries, she works at a part-time job. But despite the list of activities, both say their activities are worth the extra time and that they feel prepared to step out into the wider world. They said they've enjoyed homecoming week because of how the students all get together for a good time. And the volleyball tournament is fun, too. The week has included festivities including sporting events, softball games, a barbecue, themed dress up days and the decorating of doors and hallways. Tonight, a "Generations: the 50s through the Future"-themed volleyball tournament will take place beginning at 7 p.m. The culmination of the week's events come Friday evening when the Blue Ponies go up against the Lewistown Eagles, a division rival. Earlier that day a pep rally will be held at 2:45 p.m., and a car bash will start at 3:15 p.m. Before the game kicks off, the homecoming court will be announced on the field, and the high school marching band will perform during half time. A dance at 9 p.m. concludes the week's festivities. Soak it all up high school years are "the best time of your life," DeVries said. "Wo r k h a rd a n d h ave f u n , " Cartwright chimed in. And don't forget: "Go Big Blue," Cartwright cheered.


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