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By Tristan 

Does council know what it's doing with medical marijuana?


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As one of the 62 percent of Montanans who voted for medical marijuana, I am extremely angered by the reaction of our local government. It seems to me another case of politicians and a few vocal community members who have decided to tell everyone else that they know better. I would like to know how many of the people supporting a ban have actually spent 10 minutes researching the topic. They usually have either little or no knowledge, regurgitate fear tactics — "Protect our Kids" — or have a personal issue with the caregivers themselves. Here are some questions for people to consider: Do you know what hemp or cannabis is? Do you realize all the benefits that it has to offer? Do you know its history or why it was outlawed in the first place? Do you know that it is less dangerous than alcohol and tobacco? Do you know how much money the federal government spends a year to fight it? It would easily pay for the health care plan without raising taxes. Do you realize that by banning medical marijuana, you are going to force patients to become criminals? Not to mention the lawsuits the city and county will face. More importantly is the ridiculousness of our local officials deciding to ban businesses that they don't care for. With this precedence set, maybe groups would like to get together and ban other establishments that sell or provide services such as alcohol, cigarettes, movies, books, groceries, cars, clothes, etc. In closing, I would like to reiterate the fact that with the huge community issue of public and child safety, the very City Council that will be voting for a ban on medical marijuana is on the verge of passing an ordinance to allow alcohol in our city parks. Dan Kallenberger Havre


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