By Tristan 

So Rehberg is against socialism?



Speaking at a recent Republican kick-off conference, Denny Rehberg said the following: "If you want your mother to take care of you, that's maternalism. If you want your father to take care of you, that's paternalism. If you want the government to take care of you, that's socialism. If you want to take care of yourself, that's Americanism. That's what we stand for."

And talk like that, that's jingoism. And a state where it's every man for himself, that's anarchy. Does Denny envision an America more like Somalia, a country with plenty of anarchy and virtually free of socialism?

Additional thoughts: So, would Denny impose standards of "Americanism" on livestock producers and farmers enjoying subsidized public grazing lands and federal crop supports? On oil companies granted substantial tax breaks? On rich folks like himself who pay a significantly lower income-tax rate than average working people and small businesses?

Frank Ferguson



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