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Lights, Skylights enjoy home rodeo

Montana State University-Northern's Charlie Mack rides in the bull riding at Saturday's Northern College Rodeo at the Great Northern Fairgrounds in Havre. The annual Northern Rodeo is the only time the Lights and Skylights compete in Havre each season.

MSU-N's Kassy Brough, a former Havre Blue Pony, competes in the barrel racing Saturday night in Havre.

The Montana State University-Northern rodeo team spends a lot of time competing on the road, but over the weekend, the Lights and Skylights got to show off at home.

Friday, Saturday and Sunda

MSU-N's Robert Wagner ride in the saddle bronc competition during Saturday night's Northern College Rodeo in Havre.

y, competing at the Great Northern Fairgrounds in Havre, as MSU-N hosted the rest of the Big Sky Region, including Montana State University, University of Montana, University of Montana-Western, Little Big Horn College, Northwest College, Miles Community College, University of Great Falls, Dawson Community College, and Black Feet Community College.

Unfortunately, first year head coach Doug Kellenberger and the rest of the Lights and Skylights weren't able to earn team wins. The Lights finished in fourth place with 260, and the Skylights finished in fifth with 10 points.

Montana State University won the men's title with 730 points, while Western Montana finished in second with 310 and the University of Great Falls finished in third with 283. And in the girls' field, Western Montana took first place with 515 points, while the University of Great Falls finished with 418 in second place. Montana State University took third with 402.

Robert Wagner, Lane Waid (tie down roping and team roping), Jo Jo Billy (team roping), Adam Mummau (saddle bronc), Philip Sutherland (saddle bronc/steer wrestling) and Charlie Mack (saddle bronc/bull riding) all competed this weekend for the men and turned in a solid performance. Wagner was highlighted however, after he won the saddle bronc event with a score of 135.

The Skylights also got a lot of good performances from Hannah Heckman, Bailey Jo Thompson, Shay Tatsey and Katie Bell (barrel racers/breakaway roping), Malia VandenBos, and Kassy Brough (barrel racing) and Lacey Davidson (breakaway roping/team roping). None of the Skylights placed amongst the top performers, but Brough did record an 18 second ride in the barrel racing on Sunday morning.

MSU-N will get right back into action on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, when they travel to Miles City.

Northern Rodeo


Men's Team Scores

1. Montana State University 730; 2. Western Montana 310; 3. University of Great Falls 283.34; 4. Montana State University-Northern 260; 5. Miles City Community College 250; 6. Dawson Community College 30; 7. University of Montana 0

Mens All Around

Austin Barstow, MSU, 210

Women's Team Scores

1. Western Montana 515; 2. University of Great Falls 418.3; 3. Montana State University 402; 4. Northwest Community College 50; 5. Montana State University-Northern 10; 6. Dawson Community College 0

Womens All Around

Heather, Knerr, NWC, 70

Bareback – 1. Wyatt Bloom, MSU 143; 2. Cavan Wzresinski, MSU, 136; 3. Jordan Gill, MSU, 111; 4. Chase Redfield, WMTC, 97.

Tie Down Roping – 1. Jade Gardner, WMTC 19.9; 2. Andy Olson, MSU, 22.4; 3. Casey Waldhauser, WMTC 23.4; 4. Austin Barstow, MSU, 23.7.

Breakaway Roping – 1. Jalyn Garrison, UGF, 7.6; 2. Jade Gorrell, WMTC, 7.9; 3. Kelsey Hanson, WMTC, 9.2; 4. Kaycee Lee, WMTC, 17.0.

Saddle Bronc – 1. Robert Wagner, NMTC, 135; 2. Travis Schroth, MC, 128; 3. Ian Fugere, MC, 127; 4. Chisholm Christenson, MSU 104.

Steer Wrestling – 1. Newt Nocich, NWC, 9.1; 2. Othniel Harkins, UGF, 11.0; 3. Weston Zupan, MSU 11.3; 4. Dalton Tamcke, WMTC, 20.8.

Goat Tying – 1. Justinn Marshall, WMTC, 16.9; 2. Megan Crist, WMTC, 17.1; 3. Danielle Staudenmeyer, MSU, 17.5; Sarah Wright, MSU, 17.9.

Barrel Racing – 1. Nikki Barta, UGF, 35.16; 2. Lauren Reiser, MSU, 35.40; 3. Tenley Keller, MSU, 35.55; 4. Kylene Reynolds, WMTC, 35.61.

Team Roping – 1. Ty Erickson/Trevor Sunvison, MSU, 19.6; 2. Emily Schall/Tanner Hollenbeck, UGF 20.7; 3. Tyler Friend/Mike Vines, WMTC, 22.3; 4. Austin Barstow/Dalton Tamcke, MSU/WMTC, 26.2.

Bull Riding – 1. Luke Gee, WMTC; 2. Matt Ryan, MSU 64.


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