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Recycle Hi-Line to reorganize

Havre Daily News/Nikki Carlson

Havre Day Activity Center's Recycling Center worker Don Leach loads shredded paper in to a baler Thursday afternoon. Recycling Center assistant supervisor Dustin Murphy said the Havre Day clients either pick up the paper from local businesses or paper is delivered to the center to be shredded and baled by clients.

A group of Hi-Line residents are holding a meeting Wednesday to explore reorganizing and expanding their operation to promote and facilitate recycling.

"We've grown to the point where we need to be our own nonprofit, " Candi Zion of Recycle Hi-Line said Thursday.

The group has worked for about three years to find ways to increase recycling in the area. Zion said those efforts have included holding recycling events both in conjunction with Havre Pride cleanup days and recently at other times; educating and promoting recycling; exploring ways to establish a recycling center at the local landfill, and working with Havre Day Activity Center to expand its recycling business.

Zion said Wednesday's meeting will include a discussion of what needs to be done to create a nonprofit organization, a discussion of what the bylaws of the recycling organization would be, looking at potential projects for Recycle Hi-Line, and attempting to recruit more people to the group.

"We're trying to increase our membership, to put it bluntly, " she said.

Zion said the main project Recycle Hi-Line is working on is to help Havre Day expand its activities, including adding more infrastructure and recycling equipment such as new cardboard recycling bins. Recycle Hi-Line is providing information about groups and companies with which it has worked to recycle items as well as shipping opportunities to transport recyclables to the center, she said.

Recycle Hi-Line also is working on helping Havre Day in writing grant applications and is working on other grants as well.

An ongoing effort is to provide education and information about recycling, Zion added.

"We're always talking to people about how to, where to and what to, " she said.

The group is upgrading its website, including providing more information on where and how to recycle items.

The meeting is set to start at 7 p. m. at the board room of the District IV Human Resources Development Council at 2229 5th Ave. in Havre.



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