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Ryle Thomas Myers

Ryle Thomas Myers

Ryle Thomas Myers was born on April 25, 1991, in Bozeman, Mont., to Jacqueline Myers and Wendell Left Hand. He was affectionately known as "Babush" or "Big Boy. " His Crow name, Aabaaxiia Heyleen Xiisash (Well Known Among the Clouds), was given to him by Victor Singer, at a naming ceremony during Crow Fair years ago. Ryle was a kind and humble young man, respectful of both Cree and Crow traditions. He enjoyed getting the sweat ready for his grandparents and participating in the ceremony.

Ryle had many places he called home. Ryle lived in Rocky Boy the majority of his life, but also in Great Falls and Bozeman, off and on, while his parents attended college. For a couple years, Ryle lived in Great Falls, where his mom was completing her nursing degree. He also spent time each year staying with his grandparents in Lame Deer and with his Aunt Fredrica and his grandfather at Spearsiding. Throughout his life his grandparents Lawrence and Janice Myers were a strong influence on his life, and he was residing with them at the time of his passing.

His grandmother, Sara Young was also very influential in his life, advising him and encouraging him to utilize his talents. He knew he would regularly be receiving a call from his grandmother inquiring about his assignments, his courses, his grades and encouraging him to always work harder. This fall semester, he earned honor grades at Stone Child College where he was majoring in pre-engineering. He completed his freshmen year at Montana State University, but had returned to Rocky Boy to be with his family and attended Stone Child College. He was looking forward to returning to MSU in the fall.

Brothers Ryle and Ryan were born 17 months apart and were very close. Their older sisters, Alayna and Karico, loved to spend time with the "little boys, " as they were often called. He loved Echo clothes, cars, music, and hanging out with his friends and family. He loved playing the famous "names game" with his Auntie Fred on their many trips. He was a big Celtics fan.

Ryle was very rich with family members. Ryle is survived by his mother and stepfather, Jackie and Chance Houle of Rocky Boy; his dad and stepmother, Wendell Left Hand and Melissa Moran of Bozeman. He has a daughter, Ayvionna; his brothers, Ryan of Havre and Treston of Rocky Boy; his sisters Alayna and Karico Left Hand, Hayley Ryan, Sayra Longfox and SaRaya Foote; his sisters Tiffany and Chancy Houle; brother, Clayton Houle; grandparents, Janice and Lawrence Myers and Judi Houle of Rocky Boy and Sara Young and Conrad Fisher of Lame Deer; great-grandfathers David Yarlott Sr., and Frederick (Colleen) Left Hand of Lodge Grass; grandmothers, Janice Good Luck of Billings, Charlotte Black Elk of Manderson, S.D., Juanita Lonebear of Lame Deer; great-grandmother Ruth Alden of Lodge Grass; grandfathers Ira Left Hand, Anthony (Agnes) Left Hand and Marshall (Barbara) ; great-aunts, Jolene Webb of Jay, Okla., and Alice Lion Shows (Thomas) of Lodge Grass; aunts Frederica Left Hand of Lodge Grass and Bozeman, Antoinette and Melanie Left Hand of Lodge Grass, Lenore and Paco Nault of Rocky Boy, Amanda Old Crow of Browning, Cesilie and Misty Eaglefeathers of Billings, Juliet Fisher of Hardin, Melissa Lonebear (Dale Campbell), Donna Fisher, Leslie Fisher, Thelma (Eugene) Bearheart, Louise Doyle (Richard Realbird) ; uncle Ponch "Roland" Myers of Rocky Boy; brothers Chad Nault and Keenan Myers; uncle Clyde "Bug" Brown; aunties Mollie Ayala, Chigique and Sally Houle and Peggy, Arlene and Anna Albert; grandmothers Pearl, Myrtle, Barbara and Patsy; grandfathers Al Fisher of Ashland, Bear (Ramona) Blacksmith of Billings, Quentin Longfox of Rocky Boy, Tyler, Pete, Kendall and Rodney Left Hand of Lodge Grass, Les (Leslie) Left Hand of Billings, Brian Old Crow of Lodge Grass, Myron Eastman of Lodge Grass, Roman Fisher of Lame Deer, Cazzie Fisher of Crow Agency, Shane Doyle of Bozeman, Vernon (Paula) Fisher Sr. of Crow Agency, Steven (Sweetie) Fisher of Billings, Virgil (Myra) of Ashland, Allen (Sharon) Fisher of Lame Deer, and Arlin Fisher of Ashland; and close friends Clifford Singer, Bush Oats and Terry Standing Rock.

Extended families include: the Youngs, Yarlotts, Myers, Raining Birds, Left Hands, Backbones, Bear Belows, Blainwa, Bulltails, Pretty On Tops, Not Afraids, Snells and Fishers.

Ryle was preceded in death by his beloved Aunt Heather and her son, Jordan.


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