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Our View: Hi-Line darts and laurels

Laurel — United Way of Hill County held its annual luncheon this week, and it was a good reminder to people of the good work that United Way does in raising funds for so many good organizations. And it reminded people of the good works a lot of their neighbors do. People and businesses were lauded for their good work. Most help out people and organizations with time, money and items. The donors generally stay out of the limelight. Thanks to United Way for shining the public lights on these great people.

Laurel — The Salvation Army is looking for people who need an Easter basket for Easter Day. The Salvation Army is a great group that does a lot of good on a very small budget. They want people to enjoy the holiday, so they are preparing baskets that include a turkey or ham and all the fixings. If you think the basket would help your family, give the Salvation Army at 265-6411 before Monday, March 18. If you are fortunate and have a little spare change this time of the year, consider donating a little to the Salvation Army so they can continue the fine work they do.

Laurel — And speaking of organizations that provide people with needed food, Feed My Sheep Soup Kitchen will hold a benefit dinner on April 6 at the Duck Inn. For $25, you can have a fine meal, enjoy some great camaraderie, get the chance to bid on somne great auction items and help out people who need a good meal.

Dart — State Sen. Art Wittich of Bozeman spent lots of time at a hearing Thursday nitpicking at a proposal by fellow Republican Jim Peterson to reform the state's election laws in light of the invasion of Montana by a series of dark money groups. Peterson is trying to convince colleagues to pass legislation that would at least let the public know a little bit about the big money groups that are trying to dominate Montana politics. Wittich's wing of the Republican party has benefitted from the big money groups, but some GOP victims of the big money blitz were on hand before the Senate Judiciary Committee to support Peterson's bill.


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