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Davee McLeod isn't just any Havre High senior to navigate through the Blue Pony softball program the last four years.

Yes, McLeod has been a permanent varsity fixture since her freshman season. And yes, as a freshman, McLeod was a key player in the Ponies' last state tournament run. But taking into account what McLeod has done for the program over the last four years, all that is just the tip of the iceberg.

As a Pony softball player, McLeod has proven her talents. She is a two-time Academic All-State award honoree, as well as leading the team in batting average as a sophomore. Also as a sophomore, she was named First-Team All-Conference before following those accolades with the Second-Team All-Conference award she earned as a junior a year ago.

This season, her senior, and final, prep season is almost over, but McLeod is once again on track to earn even more accolades, team or other.

But with another season of her 12 years of softball experience winding down, it isn't her on-the-field play that has set her apart from past Pony greats. Instead, it is her passion for the game and her unique knack for being a leader.

"Davee really is irreplaceable," Havre High first-year head coach Danny Wirtzberger said.

"She is a great girl, and is the kind of girl that makes everybody around her better. She has really good softball sense and comes from a softball family, and stuff like that, you really can't teach because she just has so much softball sense.

"I am honored that I got to coach her," Wirtzberger added. "We were talking last summer about softball and the team, and I did some pitching with Davee, and once I saw her pitch and saw her enthusiasm for the team, I thought, 'If half the girls have any of her enthusiasm towards the game, I am putting in for the coaching job, and I want it.' I just can't say enough about her and her passion for the game. She is right up there with some of the best leaders I have coached over the last six or seven years of coaching."

Her willingness to do whatever the team needed from her as a freshman was really what got McLeod started on a road to leadership.

She began her Pony career as a second baseman, but quickly found her abilities taking her to other infield positions, as well as the outfield. Her pitching also took off over the last two seasons, making her a staple in the pitching rotation, and as an extremely reliable ace.

It didn't, and doesn't, matter where McLeod plays. As long as she is in the lineup, she will do whatever it takes to make the

team be


"I will play wherever the team needs me," McLeod said. "And that is fine by me. Softball is my main love and passion; it is what I want to do. I just want to play, and I never want to give up, I always want to be there for my team, and I want to play for well for them. At first I just wanted to play second base, and then I thought about just being a pitcher, but then it really opened my eyes. Sometimes, I was needed in the outfield to help with speed, or I was needed on the mound to help the team with getting outs. I realized that I need to play wherever coach needs me because that is what is best for the team, and that is what I can do to help out the team."

McLeod joins a long list of great HHS leaders, and it already looks like she will be helping add to that list when she is long gone.

Former Havre High great Holly Cartwright can be included in that list of leaders, and deserves a lot of credit for helping mold McLeod. As an underclassman, McLeod looked up to Cartwright and all that she was able to accomplish. Cartwright was a great leader to McLeod and the rest of the Ponies, and McLeod took notice.

"She (Cartwright) is our coach now, and I still really looked up to her," McLeod said. "But I really look up to her now as a coach, and I am glad she is there because she was one of my idols. I am glad she is here with us. Now the girls are always asking me, 'How do I do this, or how do I do that,' and I just say 'Hold on real quick, and after this drill I can help you.' The girls know they can ask questions, and doing that will help them in the future. I think it will show that they had a leader to look up to, and I want to be that leader."

Players like sophomore pitcher Rachel Majeres have already taken notice, as has coach Wirtzberger.

"That is my goal when I am a senior, to be like Davee," Majeres said. "We work better together when we are close like a family and she has been great. She shows me how to fix things with my pitching, and shows me how I can get better. She is just really helpful, and her doing that really makes you feel more comfortable. I was brought up last year to play varsity, and to know that if I need help, Davee is always there."

"Davee is just an excellent leader," Wirtzberger said. "And everybody follows her lead. We have a lot of juniors, sophomores, and freshmen that wouldn't be where they are today without Davee McLeod. Rachel Majeres has a lot of coaches around her, but Davee is still one of her biggest coaches, and one of her biggest fans. That is just the kind of thing Davee does for the team."

McLeod is slated to attend Montana State Univeristy-Billings next year, and hopefully softball is still an option. McLeod hopes to walk on and play next fall, and won't mind continuing her utility player status to do so.

And if anybody's passion and love of the game can carry them to the next level, McLeod would be that person.

"I really want to play," McLeod said. "That is one of my goals. I want to walk on in the fall, and it has been an option I have always thought about. And it is like I have been doing, I want to be a utility player, I will play wherever I am needed as long as I am playing the game."

"I have seen some college softball," coach Wirtzberger said. "And I know she can play at that level. She probably won't pitch, but she has a great softball sense, and I know she won't hurt any lineup. She is a great outfielder, and I know she would have no problem succeeding at the next level if she chooses to do that."

But first things first. Before McLeod runs off to the collegiate ranks, she still has some prep softball business to attend to. McLeod will look to take the Ponies to the state tournament for the first time since her freshman season. The Ponies finished the regular season as the No. 4 team in the Central A, but will challenge for a state berth this weekend at the Central A divisional softball tournament in Havre.

Local thinclads excel at Northern C Divisionals

Athletes headed to state meet in Laurel next weekend

Daniel Horton

Havre Daily News sports writer

[email protected]

Local track and field programs are one step closer to the state meet, and area athletes performed very well at the Northern C divisional track meet.

Thursday in Great Falls, Chinook, North Star, Chester/J-I, Box Elder, and Big Sandy all competed at the Ralph Halverson Northern C Divisional track meet. Athletes competed for coveted spots at next weekend's Class C state meet, as only the top five from each event advanced.

In the boys' field, the 8C Belt Huskies captured the team title with 90 points. The Chinook Sugarbeeters weren't too far behind and finished in second place with 83 points. The North Star Knights finished in a distant seventh with 25, while the C/J-I Hawks were eighth with 24, the Box Elder Bears were 12th with 13 and the Big Sandy Pioneers were 15th with 10.

On the girls' side of things, the Huskies completed the sweep of team titles, taking the No. 1 spot with an impressive 84 points. The Class C defending state champion Knights finished in second place with 73. The Beeters were third with 56, while the Hawks were fourth with 43, and the Pioneers were 14th with 10.

Zach Molyneaux gave the Beeter boys an individual title in the discus, beating out the competition with a throw of 142-11. The 4x100 relay team also took first place, turning in a time of 44.85. Molyneaux also took third in the shot put (44-3), fourth in the 100-meter (11.57), and fourth in the javelin (146-10). Also helping to lead the way, Dylan Surber took second in the 100-meter (11.37), second in the 800-meter (2:02.03), and third in the 400-meter (52.32). Geoff Qualls took third in the 300 hurdles (42.93), second in the high jump (5-10), and third in the long jump (19-7), while Ty Simenson took third in the 200 (24.17).

North Star's Cooper Spicher took second in the triple jump (40-10), third in the 110 hurdles (16.48) and fifth in the long jump (19-3). Quinn Spinler took second in the pole vault (11-6).

The Hawks received a second-place finish from Erik Kelly in the 110 hurdles (16.47), as well as a third-place finish in the pole vault (11-6). Justin May was third in the triple jump (40-3).

And for Box Elder, Will Ketchum carried the load. Ketchum took third in the 3200 (10:24.23), fourth in the 800 (2:06.40) and fifth in the 1600 (4:57.84).

Big Sandy was also in the mix, as Kaden Beck and Trevor Lackner both advanced to state. Beck had a toss of 46-8 to win the shot put, while Lackner was fifth in the high jump (5-6).

For the girls, North Star was paced by Tylynn Rettig with two top finishes. Rettig took first in the 100-meter with a time of 13.17, as well as first in the pole vault, clearing 9-3. The 4x100 team also took first with a time of 51.33, while the 4x400 relay team was third (4:28.39), and Rettig also took third in the 200 (27.84).

Lisa and Bettie Carlon and Delainey Spicher also had big days for the Knights.

Lisa Carlon won the triple jump with a distance of 35-5.5, and also took fourth in the long jump (15-8).

Bettie Carlon was second in the triple jump (34-5), fifth in the 100 (13.64), and fifth in the long jump (15-5).

Spicher was fifth in the 100 hurdles (18.07) and fifth in the 300 hurdles (50.76).

The Beeters took advantage of solid performances as well. Hanah Weber won the 800 with a time of 2:27.24, while also taking fourth in the 1600 (5:56.20). Britney Nelson was second in the shot put (33-7), while Makhayla Farmer was fourth in that event (32-7), and Tavin Schneider was fifth (32-4).

Nelson also took second in the discus (102-10), while Farmer was fourth (94-5), and Schneider was fifth (93-10). Farmer took fifth in the javelin (100-1), while Emily Dennis was fourth in the triple jump (33-8). The short relay was fourth and the long relay was fifth for Chinook.

Chester/J-I's Brittnee Theel swept the hurdles, taking first in the 100 hurdles with a time of 16.88, and first in the 300 hurdles with a time of 48.95. Theel also added a third-place finish in the long jump (15-10).

Katelyn Graff earned two No. 2 finishes for Chester/J-I. clearing 4-10 in the high jump and 9-0 in the pole vault.

Kaylie Gilman was the only individual placer for the Pioneers, clearing 4-8 in the high jump and claiming fifth place. The long relay was second with a time of 4:27.35.

Those who placed in the top five will compete in one last meet this season, the Class C state meet in Laurel. State will run next Friday and Saturday, May 25, at the Laurel High School Sports Complex.

Ralph Halverson Northern Class C Division Track Meet, Great Falls


1. Belt (8C) BELT 90.5; 2. Chinook (9C) CHIN 83; 3. Dutton-Brady (10C) DUTT 75.5; 4. Fort Benton (8C) FOBE 40; 5. Stanford/Geyser (7C) S/G 39; 6. Centerville (8C) CENT 34; 7. North Star (9C) NSR 25; 8. Chester/Joplin-Inverness (10C) C/J-I 24; 9. Winnett-Grass Range (7C) WINN 19; 10. Cascade (8C) CASC 16; 11. Geraldine Public (8C) GEPU 14; 12. Simms (10C) SIMM 13; 12. Box Elder (9C) BOEL 13; 14. Power (10C) POWE 12; 15. Big Sandy (9C) BISA 10; 15. Great Falls Central Catholic (8C) GFCC 10; 17. Augusta (8C) AUGU 4; 17. Moore/Judith Gap (7C) MJG 4; 19. Denton (7C) DENT 1

100 — 1. Olsen, Thor, Stanford/Gey (7C), 11.06; 2. Surber, Dylan, Chinook, 11.37; 3. McCafferty, Parker, Belt, 11.38; 4. Molyneaux, Zach, Chinook, 11.57; 5. Melton, Mark, Cascade, 11.81; 6. Bulik-Chism, Branden, Simms, 11.91. ?

200 — 1. McCafferty, Parker, Belt, 23.00; 2. Ereaux, Brandon, Fort Benton, 23.48; 3. Simenson, Ty, Chinook, 24.17; 4. Storle, Austin, Dutton, 24.32; 5. Ullery, Wyatt, Fort Benton, 24.43; 6. Stokes, Timothy, C/J-I Hi-Line (10C), 24.91.

400 — 1. McCafferty, Parker, Belt, 50.95; 2. Storle, Austin, Dutton, 51.68; 3.? Surber, Dylan, Chinook, 52.32; 4. Ereaux, Brandon, Fort Benton, 52.77; 5. Johnson, Tiegan, Dutton, 53.49; 6. Anderson, Carter, GFCC (8C), 54.32. ?

800 — 1. McCafferty, Parker, Belt, 2:01.72; 2. Surber, Dylan, Chinook, 2:02.03; 3. Storle, Austin, Dutton, 2:03.85; 4. Ketchum, William, Box Elder, 2:06.40; 5. Crumley, Codee, Simms, 2:06.93; 6. Hicks, Dustin, Belt, 2:07.84.

1600 — 1. Duty, Trent, Dutton, 4:49.07; 2. Hicks, Dustin, Belt, 4:52.98; 3. Iverson, Jake, Winn-GR (7C), 4:55.64; 4. Crumley, Codee, Simms, 4:56.91; 5. Ketchum, William, Box Elder, 4:57.84; 6. Roth, Travis, Chinook, 4:59.06. ?

3200 — 1. Duty, Trent, Dutton, 10:16.91; 2. Iverson, Jake, Winn-GR (7C), 10:20.03; 3. Ketchum, William, Box Elder, 10:24.23; 4. Hicks, Dustin, Belt, 10:36.00; 5. Smith, Christian, Cascade, 10:40.50; 6. The Boy, Brandon, Box Elder, 10:40.58.

110 Hurdles — 1. Anderson, Gus, Belt, 15.59; 2. Kelly, Erik, C/J-I Hi-Line (10C), 16.47; 3. Spicher, Cooper, North Star, 16.48; 4. Sitzmann, Maxx, GFCC (8c), 16.57; 5. Hulme, Ben, Fort Benton, 16.97; 6. Brubaker, Johnny, Dutton, 17.41. ?

300 Hurdles — 1. Pearsall, Deryk, Centerville, 41.91; 2. Brubaker, Johnny, Dutton, 42.25; 3. Qualls, Geoff, Chinook, 42.93; 4. Haugrose, Koltin, Belt, 43.27; 5. Hulme, Ben, Fort Benton, 43.55; 6. Sitzmann, Maxx, GFCC (8c), 44.46.

4x100 — 1. Chinook 44.85; 2. Stanford/Geyser 46.02; 3. Belt 46.40; 4. Great Falls Central Catholic 46.78; 5. Dutton-Brady 47.04; 6. Cascade 47.23. ?

4x400 — 1. Fort Benton 3:38.03; 2. Dutton-Brady 3:41.52; 3. Belt 3:42.41; 4. Stanford/Geyser 3:46.03; 5. Chester/J-I 3:47.86; 6. North Star 3:50.07. ?

High Jump — 1. Schroedel, Quin, Power, J5-10; 2. Qualls, Geoff, Chinook, J5-10; 3. Beaver, Jace, Simms, J5-10; 4. Hertel, Max, Moore-Gap (7C), J5-08; 5. Lee, Tarren, Power, J5-06; 5. Lackner, Trevor, Big Sandy, J5-06; 6. Godfrey, Bowden, Belt, J5-06; 6. Rossmiller, Chase, Dutton, J5-06. ?

Pole Vault — 1. Woodland, Perry, Cascade, J12-00; 2. Spinler, Quinn, North Star, J11-06; 3. Kelly, Erik, C/J-I Hi-Line (10C), J11-06; 4. Norskog, Chance, Stanford/Gey (7C), J11-06; 5. Sluggett, Logan, Winn-GR (7C), J11-00; 6. Keen, Casey, Cascade, J10-06. ?

Long Jump — 1. Lencioni, Dylan, Centerville, 20-03; 2. Brubaker, Johnny, Dutton, 19-08.75. 3. Qualls, Geoff, Chinook, 19-07; 4. Anderson, Gus, Belt, 19-05.25; 5. Spicher, Cooper, North Star, 19-03.75; 6. Martin, Ty, Stanford/Gey (7C), 19-03.50. ?

Triple Jump — 1. Martin, Ty, Stanford/Gey (7C), 41-07.50; 2. Spicher, Cooper, North Star, 40-10.50; 3. May, Justin, C/J-I Hi-Line (10C), 40-03.50; 4. Brubaker, Johnny, Dutton, 39-00.50; 5. Sluggett, Logan, Winn-GR (7C), 38-09.50; 6. Martin, Cedar, Winn-GR (7C), 38-08.50. ?

Shot Put — 1. Beck, Kaden, Big Sandy, 46-08.75; 2. McKinlay, Wyatt, Geraldine (8C), 46-02.75; 3. Molyneaux, Zach, Chinook, 44-03.75; 4. Hulme, Sam, Fort Benton, 43-10; 5. Hasner, Braxton, Dutton, 43-03.50; 6. Oraw, Jordan, C/J-I Hi-Line (10C), 41-08.25. ?

Discus — 1. Molyneaux, Zach, Chinook, 142-11; 2. Ereaux, Brandon, Fort Benton, 129-05; 3. McKinlay, Wyatt, Geraldine (8C), 129-01; 4. Thompson, Thane, Augusta, J123-04; 5. Hasner, Braxton, Dutton, J123-04; 6. Croff, Hunter, Belt, J119-04. ?

Javelin — 1. Croff, Hunter, Belt, 159-00.50; 2. Lencioni, Dylan, Centerville, 156-04.50. 3, Pearsall, Deryk, Centerville, 149-04; 4. Molyneaux, Zach, Chinook, 146-10.50; 5. Vaskey, Bart, Stanford/Gey (7C), 145-00; 6. Gremaux, Jacob, Denton, 143-08.50. ?


1. Belt (8C) BELT 84; 2. North Star (9C) NSR 73.5; 3. Chinook (9C) CHIN 56; 4. Chester/Joplin-Inverness (10C) C/J-I 43; 5. Winnett-Grass Range (7C) WINN 40 . 50; 6. Geraldine Public (8C) GEPU 33; 7. Cascade (8C) CASC 30; 7. Power (10C) POWE 30; 9. Hobson (7C) HOBS 25; 10. Denton (7C) DENT 20; 11. Augusta (8C) AUGU 16; 12. Fort Benton (8C) FOBE 13; 13. Simms (10C) SIMM 11; 14. Roy-Winifred (7C) RW 10; 14. Big Sandy (9C) BISA 10; 16. Dutton-Brady (10C) DUTT 9; 17. Moore / Judith Gap (7C) MJG 6; 17. Centerville (8C) CENT 6; 19. Stanford/Geyser (7C) S/G 5; 20. Valier (10C) VALI 4; 21. Great Falls Central Catholic (8C) GFCC 1; 21. Highwood (8C) HIGH 1

100 — 1. Rettig, Tylynn, North Star, 13.17; 2. Siroky, Hayley, Roy-Winifred, 13.47; 3. Meissner, Ginny, Belt, 13.49; 4. Gerke, Kara, Belt, 13.54; 5. Carlon, Bettie, North Star, 13.64; 6. Justice, Rachel, GFCC (8c), 13.65. ?

200 — 1. Gerke, Kara, Belt, 27.71; 2. Miller, Kennedy, Power, 27.74; 3. Rettig, Tylynn, North Star, 27.84; 4. Perry, Alex, Power, 28.02; 5. Habel, Shannon, Dutton, 28.18; 6. Muretta, Markie, Belt, 28.58. ?

400 — 1. Gerke, Kara, Belt, 1:01.62; 2. Perry, Alex, Power, 1:04.32; 3. Dembek, Martha, Winn-GR (7C), 1:04.59; 4. Allen, Katy, Fort Benton, 1:04.62; 5. Siroky, Hayley, Roy-Winifred, 1:05.14; 6. Browning, Shelby, Winn-GR (7C), 1:05.68. ?

800 — 1. Weber, Hannah, Chinook, 2:27.24; 2. Allen, Katy, Fort Benton, 2:29.48; 3. Ludvigson, Calise, Cascade, 2:30.70; 4. Goettemoeller, Shyla, Denton, 2:31.81; 5. Cummings, Kacie, Cascade, 2:33.57; 6. Fetterer, Katie, Belt, 2:41.35. ?

1600 — 1. Ludvigson, Calise, Cascade, 5:32.66; 2. McCafferty, Kelley, Belt, 5:39.41; 3. Goettemoeller, Shyla, Denton, 5:49.15; 4. Weber, Hannah, Chinook, 5:56.20; 5. Cummings, Kacie, Cascade, 5:58.04; 6. McCarthy, Cassidy, Fort Benton, 6:02.39. ?

3200 — 1. Goettemoeller, Shyla, Denton, 12:15.61; 2. McCafferty, Kelley, Belt, 12:24.49; 3. Lencioni, McKenzie, Centerville, 12:53.42; 4. Winder, Lauren, Belt, 13:03.81; 5. Gondeiro, Lea, Belt, 13:19.72; 6. Winder, Meaghan, Belt, 13:22.84. ?

100 Hurdles — 1. Theel, Brittnee, C/J-I Hi-Line (10C), 16.88; 2. Young, Britta, Augusta, 17.22; 3. Tyler, Leah, Moore-Gap (7C), 17.57; 4. Drivdahl, Ember, Hobson, 17.69; 5. Spicher, Delainey, North Star, 18.07; 6. Bracha, Donna, Stanford/Gey (7C), 18.31. ?

300 Hurdles — 1. Theel, Brittnee, C/J-I Hi-Line (10C), 48.95; 2. Dembek, Martha, Winn-GR (7C), 49.58; 3. Drivdahl, Ember, Hobson, 49.79; 4. Stoltz, Mariah, Valier, 49.80. 5. Spicher, Delainey, North Star, 50.76; 6. Grove, Mikaela, Highwood, 50.94. ?

4x100 — 1. North Star (9C) 'A' 51.33; 2. Belt (8C) 'A' 52.10; 3. Power (10C) 'A' 52.74; 4. Chinook (9C) 'A' 54.38; 5. Cascade (8C) 'A' 54.60; 6. Dutton-Brady (10C) 'A' 54.91.

4x400 — 1. Belt (8C) 4:21.44; 2. Big Sandy (9C) 4:27.35; 3. North Star (9C) 4:28.39; 4. Power (10C) 4:28.90; 5. Chinook (9C) 4:31.15; 6. Cascade (8C) 4:34.50. ?

High Jump — 1. Hughes, Jaegen, Hobson, 4-10; 2. Graff, Katelyn, C/J-I Hi-Line (10C), J4-10; 3. Fetterer, Katie, Belt, J4-08; 3. Drivdahl, Ember, Hobson, J4-08; 5. Gilman, Kaylie, Big Sandy, J4-08; 6. Muretta, Markie, Belt, J4-06; 6. Pederson, Rachel, Power, J4-06; 6. Dembek, Martha, Winn-GR (7C), J4-06; 6. Dennis, Emily, Chinook, J4-06; 6. Reeve, Taylor, Dutton, J4-06. ?

Pole Vault — 1. Rettig, Tylynn, North Star, 9-03; 2. Graff, Katelyn, C/J-I Hi-Line (10C), 9-00; 3. Hopp-Juden, Tasha, Cascade, J8-06; 4. Bracha, Donna, Stanford/Gey (7C), J8-06; 5. Miller, Shailyn, Power, J8-00; 5. Stahl, Jamie, Winn-GR (7C), J8-00; 5. Yanny, Sierra, North Star, J8-00. ?

Long Jump — 1. Dembek, Martha, Winn-GR (7C), 16-01.25; 2. Browning, Shelby, Winn-GR (7C), 15-11.75; 3. Theel, Brittnee, C/J-I Hi-Line (10C), 15-10.50; 4. Carlon, Lisa, North Star, 15-08.75; 5. Carlon, Bettie, North Star, 15-05.75; 6. Meek, Hollee, Simms, 15-03.25. ?

Triple Jump — 1. Carlon, Lisa, North Star, 34-05.50; 2. Carlon, Bettie, North Star, 34-05; 3. Browning, Shelby, Winn-GR (7C), 34-02.50; 4. Dennis, Emily, Chinook, 33-08.50; 5. Young, Britta, Augusta, J32-09; 6. Theel, Brittnee, C/J-I Hi-Line (10C), J32-09. ?

Shot Put — 1. Rowland, Alexandra, Geraldine (8C), 34-09; 2. Nelson, Britney, Chinook, 33-07; 3. Reeve, Taylor, Dutton, 33-02; 4. Farmer, Makhayla, Chinook, 32-07; 5. Schneider, Tavin, Chinook, 32-04; 6. Duvall, Korbin, Geraldine (8C), 30-10. ?

Discus — 1. Rowland, Alexandra, Geraldine (8C), 118-07; 2. Nelson, Britney, Chinook, 102-10; 3. Patch, Kendall, Augusta, 96-01; 4. Farmer, Makhayla, Chinook, 94-05; 5. Schneider, Tavin, Chinook, 93-10; 6. Carpentar, Elsie, Cascade, 91-01. ?

Javelin — 1. Meek, Hollee, Simms, 129-04; 2. Rowland, Alexandra, Geraldine (8C), 126-01; 3. Fetterer, Katie, Belt, 112-07; 4. Duvall, Korbin, Geraldine (8C), 109-01; 5. Farmer, Makhayla, Chinook, 100-01; 6. Nelson, Britney, Chinook, 99-09.


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