Personal opinions should be kept out of park operations


October 18, 2013


This is in response to comments made by Hill County Park Board member Renelle Braaten, Oct. 14, concerning her opposition to trapping.  As an appointee by the Hill County Commissioners to the Hill County Park Board it is her fiduciary duty to make decisions concerning the care, upkeep and management of all parks in Hill County without interjection of her own personal opinions or objectives.

Her statement against trapping, which is a necessary management tool of renewable resources, is her personal opinion, which is her right. I just hope when issues of wildlife management on any county park in Hill County are being considered, especially Beaver Creek Park, she will use common sense judgment instead of personal feelings, which I again remind her is her fiduciary duty.

If she cannot do that perhaps she would like to foot the bill for $428 each for Hancock live beaver traps or the $50-$80 needed per live traps for the capture of other animals causing problems on our public lands and then provide private lands to relocate the problems to.

I-167 dictates that all problem animals, from coyotes to gophers, to be live caught and either relocated or destroyed, without the commercial use of the resource; which would be in violation of MCA 87-6-603. Where are you going to put these animals, dead or alive?  Local dumpsters, or farmer or rancher’s land?

Fran Buell

Montana Trappers Association



Reader Comments

2smart4u writes:

Funny how Fran doesn't want Renelle to have an opinion, but forgets to mention how much money she makes off of those so-called renewable resources. I for one have no problem with a member of a public board, or government for that matter, that has an opinion about issues. At least we know where she stands!

bigears writes:

Fran Buell, I see here that you say trapping is a necessary management tool of renewable resources. If by renewable resources you mean animals, why don't you just say so. Say animals, not renewable resources. Allow them at least some dignity why don't you. The RR corporation calls me a human resource. I resent that name. I am not the corporation's resource. I am a human being, and they owe me a little respect. See where I'm going Fran? They are animals, not just renewable resources.

Definitely writes:

Exactly Fran!


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