HHS girls race to a title

Havre girls win Central A cross country championship; Blue Pony boys finish fourth


October 21, 2013

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Members of the Havre High girls cross country team pose for a photo after capturing the Central A Divisional championship Saturday afternoon in Bozeman. The HHS girls and boys will now head to the Class A state meet this Saturday in Missoula.

The divisional cross country race can prove to be one of the more difficult races on the schedule, and while the Havre High boys team remained competitive, the Blue Pony girls put their stamp on the postseason with some authority.

After a week off, the Ponies competed against the rest of the Central A at the divisional meet in Bozeman on Saturday.

And the Pony girls stepped up and claimed a conference title on Saturday with a team score of 51 points. The Browning Indians finished No. 2, but nine points back with 60. The Livingston Rangers were third with 67, the Lewistown Golden Eagles were fourth with 70, and the Belgrade Panthers were fifth with 77. The HHS boys also ran well, but struggled in comparison, finishing in fourth place with 89 points. The Indians were first with 40, as the Eagles finished with 23 and a second place finish. The Panthers were third with 74 and the Rangers were fifth with 103 team points.

"The girls ran so well for us this weekend and so did the boys," Havre High head coach Darci Heninger said. "And I was so nervous waiting for the girl's results because through the race there were a lot of teams finishing in packs, and with girls running the same pace. And it was really nerve racking, and once we realized we were first, while they were doing the awards, I was in tears because I was so excited as a first year coach to get that conference title."

And all of the HHS girls performed very well, and put together seven really solid times.

But it was Haley Ohm who led the Ponies as she continues a standout season. Ohm was the No. 4 runner overall and ran a 20:27.96 to lead the pack. Morgan Mazurkiewicz, Rachel David, and Peyton FIlius also ran very well, closing out a pack time of just over 1:30 for the top four HHS runners. Mazurkiewicz was the sixth overall with a time of 21:13.30, David was the eighth runner overall with a time of 21:31.90, and Filius was the eleventh runner overall with a time of 22:00.61.

The bottom three runners for the Ponies also ran well and helped boost the Ponies in the team standings. McKenna Barkus was No. 22 overall with a time of 23:13, Kiana Robertson was the No. 28 runner overall with a time of 24:22.59, and Darlena Bradley was the No. 31 runner overall with a time of 24:49. 26.

"They all ran at a really good pace," Heninger said. "And even though it was a tough course with a lot of hills, when it came down to it, they worked those hills. Everything they did was just perfect and on point, and they all really had a good race all around, it was awesome."

In boy's action, the Ponies knew they had a tough day in store with how talented the Central A boys are this season, but HHS still managed to turn in some decent times.

Brandon Robertson really stepped up and led the Ponies with an 18:23.19, finishing as the No. 12 runner overall. Sundance Lodge was not far behind with an 18:23.58, and finished as the No. 13 runner overall. Brock Ross also had a standout day for the Ponies, as he finished in sixteenth place overall and with a time of 18:29.52, while Elijah David finished with a time of 18:40.12 and in the No. 21 position.

It was a pack time of approximately 17 seconds for the top four runners, but the final three runners were behind by just another couple of minutes. Dylan Stewart was the No. 27 runner with a time of 19:30.37, Ethan Smith was the No. 29 runner with a time of 19:34.16, and Cameron Knapton was the No. 35 runner overall with a time of 20:44.83.

"The boys teams in the conference are just so talented," Heninger said. "We have to keep stepping up to compete, and I have been putting in a lot of time in with the boys team, but I don't know what it is, the boys races are just so competitive."

There was some confusion in the boys individual finishes, but it will not effect the Pony runners making it to state or not. David was listed No. 21 runner overall in the stats, but could be bumped up in the placings if the results are corrected.

Havre High's boys and girls will now get set to finish the season at this Saturday's Class A state meet in Missoula.

Central A Divisonal

at Bozeman


Team scores: 1. Browning 40; 2. Fergus 43; 3. Belgrade 74; 4. Havre 89; 5. Park 103.

Individual results: 1. Jonathan Eastwood, Bel, 16:19.09; 2. Emmette Dusty Bull, Brown, 16:32.21; 3. Brady Stone, Brown, 16:44.86; 4. Ryan McKinney, Fer, 17:17.04; 5. Laden Ricketts, Park, 17:21.83; 6. Kale Kelsey, Fer, 17:42.48; 7. Joseph Bremmer, Brown, 17:43.64; 8. Dylan Sipe, Fer, 17:49.13; 9. David Ott, Bel, 17:56.94; 10. Hayes Majerus, Fer, 17:57.28; 11. Ty Running Fisher, Brown, 18:17.75; 12. Brandon Robertson, Hav, 18:23.19; 13. Sundance Lodge, Hav, 18:23.58; 14. Daniel Miller, Park, 18:24.25; 15. Aidan Standsberry, Fer, 18:27.63; 16. Brock Ross, Hav, 18:29.52; 17. Kyle Skunkcap, Brown, 18:30.23; 18. Harold Tailfeathers, Brown, 18:32.66; 19. Jonathan Fuller, Bel, 18:32.97; 20. Dallas Shaw, Bel, 18:35.17; 21. Elijah David, Hav, 18:40.12; 22. Jared Miller, Fer, 18:45.05; 23. Weston Mad Plume, Brown, 18:52.71; 24. Dustin Jacobson, Park, 18:58.89; 25. Kyle McLaughlin, Bel, 19:08.10; 26. Jakob Plagenz, Fer, 19:27.74; 27. Dylan Stewart, Hav, 19:30.37; 28. Braden Fitzgerald, Park, 19:30.67; 29. Ethan Smith, Hav, 19:34.16; 30. Colter Peterson, Bel, 19:50.00; 31. Aidan White, Bel, 20:05.00; 32. Devin Nelson, Park, 20:21.44; 33. Austin Fletcher, Park, 20:24.32; 34. Trevor Patrick, Park,20:38.12; 35. Cameron Knapton, Hav, 20:44.83.

Havre Individuals

12. Brandon Robertson 18:23.19

13. Sundance Lodge 18:23.58

16. Brock Ross 18:29.52

21. Elijah David 18:40.12

27. Dylan Stewart 19:30.37

29. Ethan Smith 19:34.16

35. Cameron Knapton 20:44.83.


Team scores: 1. Havre 51; 2. Browning 60; 3. Park 67; 4. Fergus 70; 5. Belgrade 77.

Individuals results: 1. Dalainy Tedesco, Fer, 20:03.20; 2. Kelsie Harriman, Park, 20:08.58; 3. Courtney Little Dog, Brown, 20:23.04; 4. Haley Ohm, Hav, 20:27.96; 5. Kaylie Palmer, Park, 21:04.34; 6. Morgan Mazurkiewicz, Hav, 21:13.30; 7. Shelbi Stoddard, Brown, 21:18.88; 8. Rachel David, Hav, 21:31.90; 9. Kaitlyn Poss, Fer, 21:32.89; 10. Mattie MacLeod, Bel, 21:38.73; 11. Peyton Filius, Hav, 22:00.61; 12. Shanell Cree Medicine, Brown, 22:01.21; 13. Kaitlyn Lodahl, Fef, 22:15.91; 14. Lynn Otto, Bel, 22:22.05; 15. Makell Meyle, Bel, 22:23.34; 16. Francesca Snow, Park, 22:24.56; 17. Erika Mad Plume, Brown, 22:26.08; 18. Lauren Hanser, Bel, 22:42.76; 19. Ella McKenzie, Park, 22:50.06; 20. Cassidy Holt, Bel, 23:01.18; 21. Jayla Wells, Brown, 23:06.08; 22. McKenna Barkus, Hav, 23:13.98; 23. Jessica Mittal, Fer, 23:3056; 24. Aubrey Godbey, Fer,23:33.94; 25. Raylena Cruz, Park, 23:41.02; 26. Shania Hoyt, Brown, 24:05.05; 27. Cora Steinbach, Bel, 24:18.47; 28. Kiana Robertson, Hav, 24:22.59; 29. Myndi Gallagher-Horn, Brown, 24:32.17; 30. Jolyn Balcom, Bel, 24:37.09; 31. Darlena Bradley, Hav, 24:49.26; 32. Sheanna Larson, Fer, 25:32.29; 33. Bethany Down, Park, 26:51.10.

Havre Individuals

4. Haley Ohm 20:27.96

6. Morgan Mazurkiewicz 21:13.30

8. Rachel David 21:31.90

11. Peyton Filius 22:00.61

22. McKenna Barkus 23:13.98;

28. Kiana Robertson 24:22.59;

31. Darlena Bradley 24:49.26


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