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Our View: Hi-Line darts and laurels, October 25, 2013


October 25, 2013

Laurel — The United States needs more people involved in the sciences. There is a nationwide effort to convince youngsters to go to this field. There is a particular shortage among young girls. The Boys & Girls Club of the Hi-Line has opened its STEM — Science, Technology, Engineering and Math — Room to encourage youngsters interested in these fields to fulfill their dreams. It’s another great project the club has undertaken over the years.

Dart — We’ll join in with state Auditor Monica Lindeen in saying “we told you so.” More than a year ago, we editorialized in favor of setting up a Montana-based insurance exchange that would have been operated by state officials. Instead, lawmakers opted to take part in the nationwide exchange, somehow believing that by rejecting a Montana exchange, they will get across the message that they oppose Obamacare. Had we followed Lindeen’s advice, Montanans could now be shopping for the insurance plans that are best for them instead of being mired in the crippled national system.

Dart — There have been a growing number of horrific child abuse cases surfacing in the news lately, both statewide and on the Hi-Line. Child abuse caseworkers are overworked, and the the court systems sometimes fail. But the only person to blame for such terrible abuse is the parent. Judges have been correct in bringing the hammer down on such parents, forcing them to spend long terms in prison.

Laurel — Among the many groups that are working to reduce child abuse, no one gets more respect from us than the Court-Appointed Special Advocates. These CASA volunteers are often parents themselves, and they can often tell what is best for the child. By instinct, they can tell if parents care have the child’s best interests at heart.

Laurel — Deputies from Hill, Liberty and Toole counties joined in with Border Patrol agents to apprehend a suspect who stole a car in Havre and led authorities on a 65-mile high-speed chase down U.S. Highway 2. The different law enforcement agencies worked together across jurisdictional line. ...

Dart — The suspect is innocent until proven guilty, but if he is convicted of half of the charges he faces, we hope the judge administers some tough publishment. If he’s guilty, he endangered the officers’ lives, the lives of other motorists on Highway 2 and people walking on the side of the road.


Reader Comments

cacenrollment writes:

If you are going to give a dart to obamacare how about a laurel for the navigators and certified application counselors across Montana who are working diligently through all the issues and struggles to help Montanans get the coverage they need. Your local CAC has used paper apps and the 800 number and other available web resources to help people compare plans find the one need, determine their tax credit eligibility and helped 36 people apply for coverage they didn't have a chance to get before.

Idiots writes:

Why are you giving a dart to Obama's healthcare exchange? All you newspaper types just fell all over yourselves worshipping Obama and prasing his pawns Tester and Baucus when they were cramming this down our throats. Now that the light is on are you now changing your tune? We told you this was a disaster in the making way back when but you were to busy to do any real reporting. WE TOLD YOU SO!


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