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By Tim Leeds 

Woman pleads guilty to car dragging

Codefendant still scheduled for trial


One of two Havre women accused of dragging a relative with their car and nearly running over her, after stealing the victim’s purse has pleaded guilty in a plea agreement.

Leslie A. Crazyboy, born in 1979, pleaded guilty in state District Court in Havre Monday to a felony count of criminal endangerment. The plea agreement recommends a three-year suspended sentence, with the sentencing hearing set for May 19.

Gloria Crazyboy, born in 1976, still faces charges of criminal endangerment, a felony, and assault, a misdemeanor, stemming from the incident. Her trial on the charges is set for June 10.

The two were charged after a woman called the Hill County Sheriff’s Office April 27 to report she had been dragged by a vehicle.

When the deputy arrived, he saw that the victim was dusty and was checking scrapes near one of her elbows, and also had a scrape on her right shoulder. Both scrapes appeared to be road rash. The woman’s small child and another adult also were at the scene.

The woman said she was in the area from out of state visiting relatives. She told a deputy that she was visiting Leslie Crazyboy and Crazyboy asked her to follow her to a North Havre tavern. While there, she said, Crazyboy told her to give her some money. When the victim said no, Crazyboy then grabbed her by the hair while the victim sat in her own vehicle and struck her several times.

The woman said she and her passengers were able to get away in the woman’s vehicle, but Crazy Boy pursued them, in her own vehicle, the victim said.

The woman said that once they stopped their car, Crazy Boy got out of her vehicle, reached inside the victim’s vehicle and grabbed her bag, which the woman said had very little cash in it.

The woman followed Crazyboy back to her vehicle and tried to get her bag back, and Crazyboy tried to assault her again, the documents say. Leslie Crazy Boy then threw the bag in the back seat, next to Gloria Crazyboy.

When the woman again tried to grab her bag, Gloria Crazyboy grabbed her arm and Leslie Crazyboy started driving the vehicle forward, then started backing up, the documents say.

The woman said Gloria Crazyboy was dragging her alongside the vehicle, and she thought she was going to be run over and had to push herself off a tire of the vehicle using her foot.

While this was going on, one of the people with the victim reached into Crazyboy’s vehicle and retrieved her bag, the woman said.


Reader Comments

Jamie writes:

to GUESSWHO: The recommendation in the plea agreement for the 3 year deferred sentence comes from the County Attorney's office not the Judge. Call Gina Dahl and voice your dissatisfaction. As a public servant, she should be happy to take your call and discuss your concerns.

GuessWho writes:

What is with these suspended sentences? Is the judge scared of these criminals or what? Can't the cops collect enough evidence to prosecute these criminals ? Sure looks to me like Hill County system needs to get rid of some people and get some one that will put these criminals where they belong.


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