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HHS girls sending a bevy of athletes to state


Last updated 5/27/2014 at 11:21am

Daniel Horton

Havre High's Rachel David, middle, sprints in the girls 400 meters during the 2014 Central A Divisional track meet Friday at the Havre Middle School track.

Both the Havre High boys and girls teams were chasing numbers at the Central A divisional track meet, but it seemed to hit the Blue Pony girls a little bit harder this season.

The Central A Blue Ponies have a lot of talented track and field stars, but facing the bigger squads in the division they were spread too thin to keep pace in the team standings. The Ponies wrapped up Friday and Saturday’s divisional meet at the Havre Middle School track and field in fourth place with 69 points. The Belgrade Panthers took first with an untouchable 243 points, while the Lewistown Golden Eagles were second with 111. The Livingston Rangers took fourth with 96 and the Browning Indians scored one point in a fifth place team finish.

“Those numbers were just too much to overcome,” Havre High head coach John Ita said. “We have the quality, we just don’t have the quantity. We had one triple jumper and one long jumper, and everybody else had four or five, so it is just tough to get those fourth and fifth place finishes that really add up in the point totals.

“We just don’t have the numbers in our sprinters either,” Ita added. “We would see Belgrade go one, two, three, then Lewistown go one, two, three, and we would have one girl in each race. It’s numbers like that that just make it hard to compete, and teams like Belgrade are just loaded with talented numbers.”

Belgrade went No. 1 and No. 2 in the 100, 400, and 800, and went No. 1, No. 2, and No. 3 in the 400, putting their dominating numbers on full display. The Panthers also went No. 1 and No. 2 in the shot put and high jump, while Lewistown went No. 1 and No. 2 in the 3,200.

The Ponies got a lot of their points in the middle distance and distance races, just as they have all year long.

Rachel David took fourth place in two events, the 400 meters (1:03.05) and the 800 (2:32.70). Haley Ohm also placed in two events, taking third in the 3,200 (12:46.59) and taking fourth place in the 1,600 (5:51.89). Peyton Filius took third place in the 800 (2:27.28), while the short relay took fourth (53.45), and the long relay took third (4:18.50).

Naomi Terry placed sixth in the 300 hurdles with a time of 51.53, but she helped the Ponies snatch up points in the field events. Terry took fifth in the long jump (14-8), while Ceyara Plante took fifth in the triple jump (30-4). Kristen Nash also finished third in the discus with a toss of 92-3, while Martha Stocker took sixth in the discus (85-11), and fourth in the shot put with a throw of 29-3. The only individual title went to Lacey Waid, as she continue her dominance in the pole vault. Waid cleared 10-0.

Carleigh Rennick also stepped up and finished in second place for the Ponies in the javelin. Rennick wasn’t a favorite heading into the weekend, but earned a distance of 101-8, a new personal best by more than 20 feet.

“Those are the moments for us right there,” Coach Ita said. “When those kids come off and give you a big hug, saying ‘Oh my gosh, I got second place.’ Those are the pleasant surprises we like as coaches.”

Friday and Saturday the Ponies will compete in Butte at the Class A state track meet. The top five in each event and relay race from the Central A advance to state.


Team scores - Belgrade 243, Lewistown 111, Livingston 96, Havre 69, Browning 1.

400 - Tanna Holliday, Bel, 1:00.15; Madeline Orrell, Bel, 1:01.15; Megan Hawkins, Liv, 1:02.80; Rachel David, Hav, 1:03.05; Pipi Eitel, Bel, 1:03.28; Shawn Reddington, Liv, 1:03.90.

800 - Sadie Reddick, Bel, 2:23.38; Pipi Eitel, Bel, 2:25.70; Peyton Filius, Hav, 2:27.28; Rachel David, Hav, 2:32.70; Laura Leininger, Bel, 2:33.15; Megan Erickson, Hav, 2:33.20.

3,200 - Dalainey Tedesco, Lew, 12:16.25; Madison Rodgers, Lew, 12:43.07; Haley Ohm, Hav, 12:46.59; Maida Walters, Lew, 14:07.53; Bethany Down, Liv, 14:39.0.

100 hurdles - Courtney Stromme, Bel, 15.60; Nichole Karhi, Lew, 16.16; Kyra Fisher, Bel, 16.39; Lexi Klawitter, Liv, 17.28; Emma Nguyen, Liv, 18.06; Charnelle Bear Medicine, Bro, 18.19.

Discus - Lauren Emter, Liv, 104-0; Jamie Woolman, Bel, 97-4; Kristen Nash, Hav, 92-3; Tess Annalora, Bel, 91-0; Olga Mogen, Liv, 88-1; Martha Stocker, Hav, 85-11.

Long jump - Madi Page, Bel, 17-33/4; Nichole Karhi, Lew, 16-83/4; Jaree Mane, Lew, 14-103/4; Jessie Hirsch, Bel, 14-101/2; Naomi Terry, Hav, 14-83/4; MaKayla Beckman, Bel, 14-41/2.

High jump - Madi Page, Bel, 4-10; Pipi Eitel, Bel, 4-8; Jaree Mane, Lew, 4-8; Holly Davis, Liv, 4-6; Frances Taylor, Liv, 4-6; Nichole Karhi, Lew, 4-6.

Pole vault - Lacey Waid, Hav, 10-0; Mary Jane Smiley, Bel, 8-6; Frances Taylor, Liv, 8-0; Whitney Weeden, Lew, 7-6; Olga Mogen, Liv, 7-0; Sheanna Larson, Lew, 6-6.

100 - Courtney Stromme, Bel, 12.65; Madeline Orrell, Bel, 12.95; Isis Covington, Liv, 13.05; Jaree Mane, Lew, 13.32; Megan Hawkins, Liv, 13.40; Madison Patrick, Liv, 13.65.

200 - Courtney Stromme, Bel, 25.75; Madi Page, Bel, 26.24; Madeline Orrell, Bel, 26.35; Tanna Holliday, Bel, 27.35; Mikaela Olson, Lew, 27,65; Isis Covington, Liv, 27.69.

1,600 - Sadie Reddick, Bel, 5:32.50; Dalainy Tedesco, Lew, 5:42.70; Madison Rodgers, Lew, 5:51.61; Haley Ohm, Hav, 5:51.89; Ella McKenzie, Liv, 6:01.75; Laura Leininger, Bel, 6:04.17.

300 hurdles - Megan Hawkins, Liv, 47.25; Kyra Fisher, Bel, 47.43; Courtney Stromme, Bel, 48.83; Amber Hibl, Bel, 49.95; Nichole Karhi, Lew, 50.35; Naomi Terry, Hav, 51.53.

Daniel Horton

Blue Pony Ceyara Plante flies through the air during the Central A girls triple jump finals Saturday at the Havre Middle School Track.

400 relay - Belgrade (Kyra Fisher, Tanna Holliday, Madeline Orrell, Courtney Stromme) 50.86; Lewistown 51.25; Livingston 51.86; Havre 53.45.

1,600 relay - Belgrade (Pipi Eitel, Tanna Holliday, Madeline Orrell, Sadie Reddick) 4:10.97; Livingston 4:16.26; Havre 4:18.50; Lewistown 4:39.87.

Triple jump - Madi Page, Bel, 35-8; Mikaela Olson, Lew, 31-10 1/2; MaKayla Beckman, Bel, 31-0; Jessie Hirsch, Bel, 30-6 1/2; Ceyara Plante, Hav, 30-4; Veronica Floyd, Bel, 30-0.

Shot put - Jennifer Fowler, Bel, 31-11 1/2; Jamie Woolman, Bel, 31-1 1/2; Lauren Emter, Liv, 31-0 1/2; Martha Stocker, Hav, 29-3 1/2; Megan Schoenen, Liv, 29-3; Tara Olson, Lew, 28-8 1/2.

Javelin - Olga Modgen, Liv, 117-2; Carleigh Rennick, Hav, 101-8; Tara Olson, Lew, 101-4; Mikaela Olson, Lew, 99-11; Sheanna Larson, Lew, 88-6; Taylor Bohannon, Liv, 85-6.


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