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Hi-Line Athlete Profile: Lucas Reed, Turner Basketball

Reed has the Tornado passion

In the small town of Turner, there is not much in the way of sports. Turner has no football program or wrestling team, in the winter, it's just basketball. So in Turner, basketball isn't just a sport, it's a way of life.

Every year, the Tornadoes take the court and while their glory days are long ago, the enthusiasm about Turner basketball never seems to waver as the fans of the Tornadoes are as loyal and passionate as ever.

One player that feels the same as the fans do about Turner basketball is one of the boys basketball team's best players - Lucas Reed.

Reed, who has played and started for Turner in each of the past four seasons, has been a long-time fan of Turner basketball. Not only did his father, Steve Reed, play for the Tornadoes, but also Lucas has been a follower of the Turner high school team for as long as he remembers.

According to Reed, playing basketball is a tradition in Turner and it's definitely the school's number one sport.

Yet, the once proud program has fallen on hard times over the past few seasons. Part of it has to do with a shrinking enrollment and part of it is due to being a member of the always challenging District 9C.

It's been a few years since the Tornadoes have won a game in the 9C tournament and despite the fact that Reed has been a prolific scorer this season, scoring 20 or more points on numerous occasions, his biggest goal coming into the season was to find a way to get the 9C monkey off Turner's back.

Reed and the Tornadoes have plenty of work to do before the 9C tournament comes around to complete their objective, but before Turner knocked off the Havre freshmen team 63-53 Monday night at the HHS gymnasium, Reed sat down with the Havre Daily News for five questions.

HDN: When did you start playing basketball?

Reed: "I have been playing since I was in the fourth grade. Basketball is just a big thing in Turner. Playing basketball is a tradition. My dad played, and he really taught me a lot."

HDN: Were you a big fan of the Tornadoes growing up?

Reed: "Oh yeah, I remember going to all of the high school games as a kid and watching them play. I kind of always remember watching Taylor Fouts, Clinton Van Voast, Tyrell Obrecht, guys like that.

HDN: Do you have a favorite professional team or player?

Reed: "I kind of follow the Boston Celtics. I watched them when they had Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett and won that championship, so I have followed them ever since but they aren't doing so hot now. Larry Bird is also one of my favorite players."

HDN: What do you think you guys need to do to get a win in the 9C tournament this season?

Reed: "We had a rough first part of the season, but I think that we have developed as the season has gone on and we have gotten a few wins. So when tournament time comes, we are going to show that we have really improved and show everyone what we've got."

HDN: What would it mean to the town of Turner if you guys won a game in the 9C tournament?

Reed: "That is kind of the big thing, I want to win one, maybe two games this year. We almost beat North Star last year but lost by eight points or so. It'd be a big deal for Turner if we could do that. We haven't won too many games in the tournament the past few years, so it would really bring some pride back to the town."


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