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Our View: Hi-Line darts and laurels

Laurel — Jack Johnsrud won the 49th annual Hill County Spelling Bee this week. Havre Middle School should be proud. They say that spelling is out of date with all the spell-check equipment we have these days. That’s not true, and Jack has proven that to be the case.

Dart — Montana House Democrats always say they are the party of transparency, and they have a record to prove it. But they didn’t live up to their reputation this week. Unanimously they voted against legislation offered by Rep. G. Bruce Meyers, R-Box Elder, to have the state prepare a website with information on all state money that goes to Montana’s reservations so tribal members can see just what money is being provided to the reservations. It sounds like a good idea for reservations or for the entire state. What could be wrong with that proposal? Well, some Democrats said the proposal should have been vetted with tribes before the legislation was brought forward. The tribes should determine whether people know what state money is given to reservations? That sounds like the tribal members and the public at large should make that decision. That’s what the majority of Republicans thought. The bill passed and is going to the Senate.

Laurel — Havreites get a lot out of the Havre Public Schools, but they give a lot back, too. Randy Riggin has been the announcer at Havre High wrestling matches. He can be paid for the work but has turned down a paycheck. He was given the Dr. Jim Elliott Memorial Award this week. It is given annually for those who support student activities at the school. It was a well-deserved award. He represents lots of people who donate time and effort for the betterment of the student body.

Dart — The tribal council at Rocky Boy’s Indian Reservation, except for Dustin Whitford, should be ashamed. The council with sickening regularity has thrown Ken Blatt St. Marks out of office as tribal chair every time he wins an election. This week, upset that voters had once again elected the reform-minded St. Marks, tribal council demanded that he come to yet another hearing, a kangaroo court, we suspect, to determine if he should be booted out of office. Various factions at Rocky Boy have been at war for years. It’s time they started working together.

Laurel — Tribal council member Dustin Whitford abstained from voting and didn’t sign the impeachment papers.


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