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Local Bowling Report: Sign up for New Years Eve Jackpot Bowling

It looks like we will have a semi-white Christmas this year. I know everyone hopes for a real white one, but it is sure nice not to have a snow shovel in your hand continuously. Time is running out to sign up for New Year’s Eve Jackpot. Call for your spot at 265-5885.

SUNDAY KEGLERS: Red Neck Yacht Club 912; 3Balls Split 2525; S. Robinson 173, 487; S. Burrington 223, 600. Other Honors: R. Surber 205; J. Burrington 210; P. Newton 213. 1st place is 3 Balls & Split.

WOMEN’S CITY: Crystal City 856, 2430; J. Rodgers 204, 225, 597. Other Honors: J. Mariani 179; L. Farmer 173; L. Warneke 173; J. Maye...


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