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Senior Center News, Oct. 2, 2020


Last updated 10/2/2020 at 7:51am

North Central Senior Center, Oct. 5 to Oct. 10, 2020

Menu by Earlene DeWinter

Subject to Change

Monday — Ham, scalloped potato casserole, salad, carrots, poor man bars

Tuesday — Roast beef, mashed potatoes and gravy, cauliflower, rolls, cake

Wednesday — Sweet ‘n’ sour pork, rice, eggrolls, coffee cake

Thursday — Hamburger steak, hash browns and gravy, peas, cheesecake with cherries

Friday — Soup, chef’s choice, dessert

Open enrollment is coming. Part D will be done by phone appointments or video conference. All documentation will be run off for you to review. With changes coming, it is wise to at least check your coverage to make sure all of your medications will be covered. We are scheduling appointments now for open enrollment. If you are just coming into retirement age please schedule an appointment for any help needed with this also. Even if you aren’t taking any medications you do need to have coverage for prescription cost. Supplements do not cover prescriptions. Some retirement programs and Veteran programs do have prescription coverage. Thank you.

Important phone numbers:

Montana Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-TALK (8255)

RAINN National Sexual Assault Hotline: 1-800-656-4673

Tumbleweed Runaway and Family Crisis Program: 259-2558 (local) 1-888-816-4702 (toll free)

Friendship Line by Institute on Aging — The Friendship Line is both a crisis intervention hotline and a warm-line for non-emergency emotional support calls. It is a 24-hour toll-free line and the only accredited crisis line in the country for people aged 60 years and older, and adults living with disabilities. Toll-Free Line: (800) 971-0016

For seniors getting frustrated with staying home and needing someone to talk to you can call 1-877-688-3377 for Montana’s Warm Line.

The Senior Center’s doors are still closed to the public. We are providing limited services. Help is being given over the phone when possible.

Remember to wash your hands frequently and thoroughly! Maintain your personal space. Stay hydrated, especially with this heat. Do outside activities when it is cooler.

We want to thank the individuals who are making masks, especially those whom have brought them to the Center. If you are in need of a mask, let us know. We may be able to direct you to a source.

The Senior Center is providing medical transportation only for now. Remember to call ahead for Friday’s appointments.

With people getting out and moving around more, remember to use all precautions. If you do not feel comfortable going out, protect yourself and stay home as much as possible. If you do any traveling, especially out of state, remember the 14-day self-quarantine for your own safety.

Scams are getting worse. Some are being very forceful in trying to get your information. Don’t give them any information. Protect your Medicare by read your quarterly Medicare Statement. Some agents are being sneaky in having things billed to you without you or your doctor realizing it. Also, there will be no new Medicare cards with chips … this is another scam. No matter what, do not give personal information out over the phone unless you are sure of the source. If you inadvertently give them any information, contact the Senior Center for the tip sheet to protect yourself. If you need help call the police department or the Senior Center.

We would also appreciate you tracking the phone numbers and what they were about, the time of day and the date, and bringing the list down to the North Central Senior Center so we can make a compilation for the powers that be. Some believe none of these calls are occurring in Montana.

There are some people going door to door trying to get money for organizations. Do not give it to them. If you want to give to that organization contact them directly and/or mail it in to the local agency.

Congregate folks: We continued to provide meals at the Hill County Senior Center while being closed. If you would like to pick up a meal, please be sure to call the Center before 10 a.m. to order a meal. Pick up — grab-and-go — meals may be acquired at the center at noon Monday through Friday. If you would like to, you may order a meal for one day or meals for the entire week. Please let us know which meals would be preferred ahead of time as it would be beneficial in preparation so we are aware of how much food to fix each day.

With the individuals we’ve lost the last few weeks, I do have some openings for commodities for the Hill County area. Call 265-5464 for an application.

61 Fun Things to Do at Home

Here is a list of some fun things that you can try at home. Remember that every family is unique and will have their own preferences regarding how to spend quality time together. The following activities are common ones that many households enjoy.

39. Do Yoga

Yoga is not only healthy for your body and mind, but it’s also a fun activity that you can enjoy with your family members. A 30-minute yoga exercise in the morning gets you grounded and ready for the day, relieves your stress levels, and allows you to bond as a family.

If you are a beginner and would like to learn the best practices, we recommend checking out one or some yoga books at https://www.developgoodhabits.com/best-yoga-books first. Once you’re done and ready to practice, you may start gathering the basic materials you need, listed at https://www.elitedaily.com/p/11-yoga-essentials-for-beginners-who-want-to-commit-to-their-flow-in-the-new-year-7702643.

Yoga can be a fun activity the you can enjoy alone or with your family members.

40. Build a Snowman

Is it wintertime, and is there snow on the ground? Instead of wishing for summer,  a better idea is to make the best of what you have. Embrace winter and the snow on the ground by building a snowman. This classic family activity will give you hours of fun, and remind you of the afternoon you spent together until Frosty finally melts away.

41. Make a Family Vision Board

Vision boards are a great tool for getting clear about and manifesting your goals in life. So why not dream big as a family? Discuss what goals you’d like to achieve as a collective unit and list down all the ideas. If there are little kids in the family, you can assist them in formulating their goals.

Then get a sturdy board, some old magazines, scissors, glue, and other embellishments. Cut out words and pictures that represent your goals, and paste them to the vision board in whatever form you want. The Internet is also a good source of printable materials for your board. Once you are done, display the board where you can all see it, so that you always keep your family goals in mind.

Wondering how to get started with your vision boards? First, make sure to have all your supplies prepared. Check out this post for a simple checklist at https://reducereuserenewblog.com/whattoputonavisionboard .

Afterward, start creating your vision board as you deem fit. For a detailed process, read this article from Christine Kane at https://christinekane.com/how-to-make-a-vision-board about how to make one. You may want to check the following as well for vision board ideas:

• 26 Vision Board Ideas for Your Important Goals https://www.pinterest.com/pin/436004807676564290 .

• 25 Vision Board Templates to Map Out Your Dream Goals https://www.developgoodhabits.com/vision-board-templates

42. Research on Abandoned Tourists Spots and Historical Events

While this is something you will most likely do alone, you may also do it with your family. Go over the internet and conduct in-depth research of the abandoned places and historical events you know and you might discover.

Take notes and when you’re done, discuss the things you found out with your family. This opens an opportunity for bonding while learning, especially with the kids, so they can learn about history. You can even be more creative and role-play as detectives.

Here’s a list of eerie yet beautiful abandoned places from the Conde Nast Traveler website at https://www.cntraveler.com/galleries/2015-11-18/the-most-stunning-abandoned-places-on-earth , while here is a post at https://owlcation.com/humanities/The-10-Most-Important-Moments-in-History-An-Illustrated-Guide about the 10 most important moments and events in history. The fun does not end there—once you’re done with the list, continue searching for more.

43. Learn for free from the online Ivy League courses

Instead of spending too much time on social media, why not learn something new? The eight Ivy League colleges — Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Harvard, Pennsylvania, Princeton, and Yale — are offering free online courses to everyone who wants to learn new things.

If you happen to get bored scrolling down your Facebook newsfeed or tired reading politically-inclined arguments on Twitter, it is time to take a rest and do something more valuable. Check out the offered courses at https://www.classcentral.com/collection/ivy-league-moocs .

44. Create Lists

Experts say that making lists is one effective way to boost your mood and uplift your spirit. Its therapeutic benefits include reduction of stress and anxiety, mental clarity, and productivity. It lets your brain pause for a while and recharge before working again.

To make this activity more exciting, try it with your loved ones at home. You can do it while having some tea or coffee in the afternoon or before hitting the sack while waiting for sleepiness to come. Everyone can make a list of his or her own, and then make another list of goals for the whole bunch (family goals).

Need some list ideas? Check out this article we recently published at https://www.happierhuman.com/lists .

45. Discover New Music

What is there to not like in music? Like most people, you probably find comfort and peace when listening to it. So if you are at home, bored doing nothing, you can get lost to a new genre that can relax all those stress from boredom away.

Be open to new possible ideas. Check YouTube or Spotify and search for a new kind of groove that you haven’t heard before. Listening to music boosts our mood and increases our level of happiness.

46. Listen to Podcasts

Technology always has its way of improving things — radio shows, for instance, are now available through podcasts. You don’t have to wait for that specific timeslot anymore. Simply download the podcast of your choice and listen to it anytime, anywhere.

What is great about this hobby as well is that you don’t have to spend money to start doing it. You just need a smartphone or a gadget where a podcast may be downloaded.

If you are looking for some recommendations, check out the list in each of the articles below:

• Funny and Comedy Podcasts, https://www.happierhuman.com/best-funny-podcasts

• Psychology Podcasts, https://www.happierhuman.com/psychology-podcasts

• Happiness Podcasts, https://www.happierhuman.com/happiness-podcasts

• Motivational Podcasts, https://www.happierhuman.com/motivational-podcasts

47. Night at the Opera

Are you a stage opera fan? If yes, this might just be the perfect activity for you and your family! Many opera houses are currently making their archives available to the public nowadays. For instance, you can check out New York’s Metropolitan Opera, London’s Royal Opera House, and Vienna’s Wiener Staatsoper.


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