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Grief Poem: Share and Care


Last updated 12/4/2020 at 8:49am

No rush today, it's winter time - just watch for the mail man.

Have cuppa tea, find recipe, or maybe call "Ruthann."

Blocked windows tight, keeps cold air out; best bring in load of wood.

No real hurry, guess "we" could bake, some cookies would be good. The doorbell rang, just look who came! Aren't "we" the one who's blessed!

The girls worked hard; they were good "help" - they truly are the best!

T'was quite a day with snow and wind, but glad they came to share.

How special that they came my way to show how much they care.

Each gal had lost a sweetheart, too; who flew on home to God.

Though our hearts ache, we know they're safe, no more on "earth" to trod.

This snowy day, things sure got done, blessings were from their heart.

Hours flew by, we had such fun, they worked without a "chart"

They each know God and how to share, and soon the work was done.

A "time to cry ... a time to laugh," we laughed, and sang, had fun.

We all had reached that magic age, with struggles we could share;

Find time to laugh, care for ourselves; and share with God in prayer.

We worked and planned for Christmas Day - the BIRTHDAY of our KING! We know church kids are busy kids, practicing songs to sing.

We'll celebrate Your Birthday Lord; we'll pray and sing to You.

Though we still grieve, we know You care, You love us through and though.

Nov. 2020 Prairie Winds


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