Hello, God. It's me, Mara.

Story time


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You know, Lord, as a child, I can imagine that any one of us just loved it when our mom would read to us. We would sit on Mama's lap and listen to every word. As she read, we would examine the details of every picture and wait eagerly to hear what was on the next page.

Did any of us ever think about the idea that our lives also tell a story? In every situation - good, bad, or indifferent - people around us are watching and listening to the story we are telling. Our story is communicated not only through our words but also through our attitudes and actions as we respond to life's buffetings and blessings. Our own children and grandchildren, spouses, neighbors, and co-workers can all observe the story that we are telling.

Paul reminds us that as followers of You, Lord, our lives are like letters, "known and read by all men ... an epistle of You, Jesus ... written not with ink but by the Spirit of the Living God." We can read that in 2 Cor. 3:2-3.

So, what is the story that those around us are reading through the letter of our lives? Stories of forgiveness? Compassion? Generosity? Patience? Love?

Author Joe Stowell wrote: "If you've experienced the joy of a grace-filled life that comes from the Spirit of God in you, then welcome to the joy of being one of God's great storytellers!"

You know that we love You, Lord, and we truly want our lives to tell the story of Your goodness and grace. May we be a bold witness of You. Use us in ways we never thought possible. Help us to let our life tell the story of Your love and mercy to the world around us. Thank You, Lord, for helping us write this letter.

Love, Mara


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