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A brand new month of bowling league begins

A big apology to Tire Rama. I missed entering your business as a sponsor for the youth league. Thank you so much.

High score for the week: Men’s game, Chris Owens, 244. Series, Roman Surber, 692: Women’s game, Dana Seidel, 207 and series, 530.

Split Pickers: Rhonda Gregoire, 5-6-10, Patti Soloman, 3-10, Tammy Pozega, 6-7-10.

Sunday Keglers: Kyndra Hall, 150,161-450, Tasha Daniels, 162, Brandy Kurtz, 164, Steph Klein, 167,193-501, Roman Surber, 208,226, 226-660, Brandon Berreth, 215, Duke Thomas, 191, Fred Williams, 205,212,234-651, Shawn Burrington, 212-558. HIgh team series, Havre...


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