Unofficial Fort Belknap primary election results released


Last updated 10/9/2023 at 12:17pm

Unofficial primary election results for the Fort Belknap Indian Community Council have been released, sending 18 candidates for eight seats to the general election later this year.

Each seat’s election will send the two candidates with the most votes to the general election held later in 2023.

The River Gros Ventre District will see Dominic R. Messerly and Cecelia “Boppers” Shortman advance to the primary, with 107 and 143 votes respectively.

Joey Kill Eagle will not advance, having come in third with 79 votes.

Randall “Butch” Werk Sr. with 113 votes and Cody Shambo with 72 will advance in the Mountain Gros Ventre District.

Warren D. Morin, Tommeejoe “Mount” Fox and Brenda Mount Essert received 66, 32 and 23 votes each.

Blake Stiffarm and Mike “Gopher” Fox will advance in the Gros Ventre-At-Large primary, a vote including only Gros Ventre members, having received 183 and 178 votes respectively.

Patricia Quisno, with 108 votes, William “Willie” Hughes, with 65 votes, Lana J. Stuker, with 57 votes and Craig Chandler Sr., with 42 votes, will not advance.

In another Gros Ventre-At-Large primary, one open to Gros Ventre and Assiniboine voters, Geno V. LeValdo will advance with 442 votes, as will Stephen “Shelley” Fox with 345.

Harold “Jiggs” Main, Jay W. Mount, and Lona Doney Boushie, having received 124, 120 and 90 votes respectively will not go to the general election.

As for the Assiniboine-At-Large primaries, the one open to both tribes will send Tracy “Ching” King to the general election with 338 votes, as well as George Jay Ball, who got 214 votes.

Michelle Lonebear with 181 votes, Gilbert Buddie Horn with 151 votes, John Filesteel Jr. with 138 votes, and Rocky Jones with 91 votes will not advance.

The Assiniboine-At-Large primary open to only Assiniboine voters will see Curtis Horn advance along with John A. Allen, with 149 and 138 votes each.

Lana K. Longknife and Myron Lee Hoops will not go to the general election, having received 130 and 75 votes respectively.

The River Assiniboine District will send Donald “Duck” Horn, who got 66 votes, to the general election along with Felicia Mount Messerly, who got 84 votes.

Derek “Sam” Azure, who got 59 votes, Gerald “Manny” Healy, who got 51 votes, and Wesley Medicine Bear, who got 29 votes, will not advance.

The Mountain Assiniboine District will send four candidates to the general election with Brian Wing having come in first with 39 votes and Randi R. Wing-Feather, Tyler Allen and Tina R. Bierle all having received 30 votes, as confirmed in two recounts. In a confirmed tie, all advance to the general election.

Ed “Buster” Moore, having received 28 votes, will not go to the general election. Neither will Max G. White Jr. who got 19 votes, or Benita Plainfeather who got 18.


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