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Letter to the Editor - I"m tapped out

Dear Salvation Army,

I have donated pretty faithfully in the past years, but now I am also struggling to make ends meet. Perhaps you could ask Ukraine or some of the other dozens of countries we send foreign aid (my tax dollars) to if they could spare some cash. Maybe some of the illegals coming freely across our borders could share a bit of the money they are given, whatever the source of funding that is. Perhaps our politicians could share some of their pay and perks. Maybe they could hook you up with a sweetheart deal from some of the lobbyists they rub shoulders (and other things) with. I am saddened to admit I am tapped out.

Dear Schools,

I’m voting no on the latest levy request. My income has not kept pace with the skyrocketing cost of groceries and medical care, just to name a few of my monthly expenses. I’ve had to make some hard choices and cut out some spending in order to keep my essential bills paid and stick within my budget. I’ve had to cut back to the basics. Schools were established to teach reading, writing, and arithmetic. I’m pretty sure we could survive if we had to suffer through not having multiple sports teams being bussed all over the state every weekend in the fancy busses. I know the price of fuel, meals, and lodging. Not to mention all of their uniforms and equipment. I’ve needed a lot of people in my life, but never once have I needed an “athlete.” I’m tapped out.

Peggy Verploegen



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