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Water rising in Beaver Creek

Commissioner Peterson: Flooding not likely between First Lake and Milk River

Hill County Commissioner Mark Peterson said about 1 this afternoon that the waters are rising in Beaver Creek Reservoir — First Lake — and are likely to top the spillway this afternoon.

He said the dam operator reported at about 8 this morning that the inflow into First Lake was 279 cubic feet per-second and the outflow was 139 cfs with the water level 2.5 feet below the spillway.

By 11:37 a.m. inflow 892 cfs and the water was about 9 inches from going over the spillway

“So it looks like we might test-drive our spillway repairs we made last year,” he said.

He said he doubts that flooding will occur between the dam and Milk River, but he wanted to let people know that an uncontrolled flow and a rise in the river level would occur.

He said it will probably take about 12 hours for the increased flow to reach Beaver Creek Golf Course.

Peterson said about 1 that he did not know the conditions of Beaver Creek upstream from First Lake, which includes where it flows through Beaver Creek Park.


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