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The Havre Daily News is a small, energetic news team that covers Havre and Montana's majestic Hi-Line with complete local news coverage.

Our news team provides news through our website,, Twitter and Facebook, but the heart and soul of operation remains our five-day a week afternoon newspaper.

Our small staff consists of native-born Havreites and people from the far reaches of the United States.

We have a vibrant editorial page with lively commentary on local issues, but our emphasis is straight-up unvarnished, balanced coverage of news, telling folks what's going on in their communities, their governments and their schools.

Our sports staff reports on the successes — and sometimes the failures — our high school sports teams and the Lights and Skylights of Montana State University-Northern.

We have a variety of columnists who report on the Hi-Line and its rich and sometimes bawdy history.

We look forward to reader feedback — in the form of letters to the editor or comments on our website about our news coverage and how we are doing handling it.

About Havre and the Hi-Line

Havre is the center of commerce and education for the Hi-Line region, a broad area that is bisected by U.S. Highway II and the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad line of the same name.

The area is known as the last frontier because at the start of the 20th century, it was largely unsettled.

The arrival of the railroad was the first sign of civilization. When the Homestead Act was expanded to include dry-land farms of 320 acres, waves of immigrants flooded the area, brought here by the BNSF. Proud descendants of the Homesteaders remain in the area. Over the years, they were joined by railroaders, college people and business-people.

Some of our historical landmarks remain at the heart of our community.

There is a world-class dinosaur collection in Malta, the Wahkpa Chu'gn bison kill site near Havre, Fort Assinniboine, a fascinating collection of history at Rudyard, and Havre's underground, called Havre Beneath the Streets. The Hi-Line is also along the Lewis and Clark Trail.

Today Havre and the Hi-Line represent Western living at its best. The area is Americana, friendly people who talk to friends and greet people they don't know.

People of diverse backgrounds make their home here, including members of the Chippewa Cree Tribe at Rocky Boy's Indian Reservation and the Assiniboine and Gros Ventre people of the Fort Belknap Indian Reservation. Later arrivals were the Hutterite colonies and their extensive agricultural operations. Settlers here represent the melting pot of America.

Agriculture is the base of our economy, but tourism, education, railroad and retail are also at the heart of Havre life.

The Hi-Line offers incredible fishing and hunting opportunities, plus hiking in the Bear Paw Mountains and Sweet Grass Hills. It is the direct route to Glacier National Park.

Northern has become home to a hi-tech center that is promoting a rural connection to the world through the Internet. Area residents cherish the old as they embrace the wonders of modern technology through the Internet.

Our staff:

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