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  • 4-H: Small Animals Cat, Dog, Poultry and Rabbit

    Updated Jul 15, 2022

  • 4-H: Sheep 1 and 3

    Updated Jul 15, 2022

  • 4-H: Swine 1 and 3

    Updated Jul 15, 2022

  • 4-H: Shooting Archery and Shotgun

    Updated Jul 15, 2022

  • 4-H: Cloverbud

    Updated Jul 15, 2022

  • 4-H: Horse Showmanship

    Updated Jul 15, 2022

  • Michael Mezmer returns to the Great Northern Fair

    Updated Jul 15, 2022

    For the first time in many years, Michael Mezmer is back at the Great Northern Fair, peforming his DangerMagik Magic Phenomena and TranceNosis Comedy Hypnosis shows. Before his first show Thursday Mezmer said he's very glad to be back in Havre and he's been away for too long. "I had great audiences and a whole lot of fun so I'm excited to be back here, I've been wanting to come back for many many years," he said. Mezmer said the pandemic definitely affected his shows, but...

  • Art in the Garden back for 2022

    Pamela Burke|Updated Jul 15, 2022

    Art in the Garden Tour 2022, a Havre Art Association sponsored event, will have artwork from local artists displayed among three backyards, in the Havre community, that are works of art themselves, and the public is invited to take the tour Sunday from 2 to 4:30 p.m. Art Association member and event co-organizer Ginnie Streeper said the artists and homeowners are excited to be holding the event again this year, and she feels that the yards really demonstrate a variety of what...

  • Commission hears objection to Council on Aging interim director

    Patrick Johnston|Updated Jul 14, 2022

    The Hill County Commission heard an objection to the appointment of Marci Bergren as interim director of the Hill County Council on Aging. Last month, Council on Aging Director Don Kenny announced that he would be resigning, and the commission appointed Marci Bergren as interim director. Linda Rennick, who volunteers at North Central Senior Citizens Center, said she’s been volunteering and been working with the Council on Aging that runs the center for 16 years, and she has concerns about Bergren becoming interim director w...

  • Summer child's meal program menu

    Updated Jul 14, 2022

    July 18-22 Summer meals are offered to local children for free at Lincoln-McKinley Primary School and Highland Park Early Primary School, with breakfast served from 8:30-10:45 a.m. and lunch served from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. The meals are free for people 18 younger, with breakfasting costing $3 for people 19 and older and lunch costing $5 for people 19 and older. The menus scheduled for next week, subject to change as needed, are: Breakfast Monday — French toast Tuesday — Sliced bread Wednesday — Sausage egg muffin Thurs...

  • View from the North 40: It's so hysterical I could cry

    Pam Burke|Updated Jul 14, 2022

    OK, I tried to stay out of it, I had a whole column planned about the pitfalls of the most adult activity of my life, then a political candidate from Missoula threw out the right bait at the right time and now I’ve been lured into the Roe v. Wade free-for-all debate. A bear can resist only so many garbage cans, and I could not resist the lure of this anti-abortion regulation argument: Rep. Brad Tschida, R-Missoula, who is running for Senate District 49, said in an email to m...

  • Looking out my Backdoor: It's a great place to live … but

    Sondra Ashton|Updated Jul 14, 2022

    Yes, it’s a great place to live (for me) but you wouldn’t want to visit. I’ve been accused of having a Paradise Complex, but it is not true. I’ve been told Paradise is full of snakes and liars and have no reason to either believe it or not believe it. Nope. I live in a dusty little cow-town, farm village in Mexico and though I often say I live in Paradise, I mean Paradise for me. For me. Amen. And Awomen. When Dr. Landazari, eye specialist, who lives in Mazatlan, the Pearl of...

  • Rosendale cosponsors bill that would harm Montana's wildlife, economy

    Updated Jul 14, 2022

    If there’s one thing that Montanans can agree on, it’s our fondness for wildlife. From eagles and ospreys to bull elk and bighorn sheep, we still have plenty of what so much of the country has lost. These natural riches are partly why we’re known as the Last Best Place. But it wasn’t always this way. By the early decades of the 20th century, market hunting, poaching and habitat loss had driven many species to the brink of extinction. Then, in 1937, hunters asked the federal government to tax the sales of guns and ammunit...

  • Leave private property rights alone

    Updated Jul 14, 2022

    With the primary elections in the rearview mirror, most of us have a good idea who’ll represent us in the Montana Legislature come January. A new legislature means new ideas and, of course, recycled ideas from past sessions. The only thing our citizen legislature is required to do is balance a budget, but darn near every politician has an agenda. Their ideas got them this far and they’re going to go to Helena and create change … or something. It’s in that spirit that I’m writing this letter to all the returning and likely ne...

  • Obituary - Barbara Ann Vermillion

    Updated Jul 14, 2022

    SPOKANE, Wash. - Barbara Vermillion, 84, being very close to the Lord, negotiated her departure from this world and into the next the evening of June 2, 2022. Born in Havre, Montana, August 26, 1937, Barbara, affectionately known as Bobbe, was the youngest of four children born to Finley and Rosella Ross. Barbara spent many of her childhood years at the family ranch in the Bear Paw Mountains building experiences riding horses and branding cattle. She was an excellent student w...

  • Agenda - Havre Town Hall Meeting

    Updated Jul 14, 2022

    The City of Havre will hold a Town Hall Meeting Monday, July 18, 2022, at 7 p.m. The meeting agenda is: Call to order Great Falls City Manager Greg Doyon discusses the benefits and disadvantages of a manager form of government....

  • Agenda - Hill County Board of Health

    Updated Jul 14, 2022

    The Hill County Board of Health will hold a quarterly meeting Wednesday, July 22, 2022, at noon in the Hill County Courthouse Annex Meeting Room at 302 Fourth Ave. The meeting agenda is: Call to order Roll call Approval of minutes from April 20, 2022, meeting Agenda corrections, additions or deletions Items of old business: • Hill County COVID-19 updates and vaccination program status — Kim Berg • Status of renewal of interlocal agreement with City of Havre and Hill County • Status of review to restructure of Hill County Boar...

  • Agenda - Hill County Commission weekly calendar

    Updated Jul 14, 2022

    Monday 1:30 p.m. — Building manager meeting in commissioners’ office 3 p.m. — Hill County Detention Center food service contract meeting in commissioners’ office Tuesday 8:30 a.m. — Montana Department of Natural Resources and Conservation fire update call in commissioners’ office 10:30 a.m. — Road department meeting in commissioners’ office 1 p.m. — Beaver Creek Park discussion in the commissioners’ office Wednesday 9 a.m. — County officials meeting in the Timmons Room Noon – Hill County Board of Health meeting at the m...

  • For the Record, July 15, 2022

    Updated Jul 14, 2022

    Havre Police Department A Wednesday 2:15 p.m. caller at a First Street business reported a hit and run crash and reported the suspect's vehicle is a silver TransAm. -- A stolen air conditioner unit was reported Wednesday at 2:28 p.m. on 12th Avenue. -- A caller at a U.S. Highway 2 Northwest business reported Wednesday at 2:37 p.m. that business deposits were missing and an employee had not shown up for work. -- Robert Joseph Sunchild of Havre, 39, was issued a summons on a the...

  • Young riders make their names known at junior rodeo

    Kason Clark|Updated Jul 14, 2022

    Festivities at the Great Northern Fair got started on Wednesday with the junior rodeo. Over the course of the evening, several young riders displayed their skills and put on a show for local fans. Mary Gibson had an excellent night in several events. She finished first in the 14-18 goat untying with a time of 8.07. She and her partner Cayden Chapman took first in the monkey on a rope with a time of 37.35. She also finished second in the 14-18 breakaway with a time of 5.47 and...

  • LIV Golf ensures players no longer have to earn it in the dirt, or even care for that matter

    George Ferguson|Updated Jul 14, 2022

    Who wouldn’t want to get paid for doing nothing? Or better yet, what if you could get paid by your job, even if you’re terrible at it? Get paid huge sums of money to screw up, to not be good, to not even try. For a lot of people, that sounds pretty good. But for a diehard golf fan, that doesn’t interest me whatsoever, and to me, that’s what the new LIV Tour is all about. From what I’ve seen so far, the LIV Tour is paying some of the greatest golfers on the plant to literally p...

  • Out Our Way: " Four Left Hooves" Psalm 27: 7-9

    Updated Jul 14, 2022

    Out our way, some folks love to go "boot scootin'" on a Saturday night. Dancing was never something I could do well as I have what my percussionist son calls "Rhythm Deficit Disorder" - also known as "two left feet." Well, as bad as that may be, it's nothing compared to Ole Doc who has "four left hooves." More than once I have been tossed when Doc managed to trip himself up while on the canter or gallop and I sort of found myself airborne. The guy I rented the paddock from...

  • Pastor's Corner: Why did God make eye boogers?

    Updated Jul 14, 2022

    You know you're worshipping with children when that question immediately follows a reading of the creation story from Genesis - and the question is entirely serious. This week, five Havre churches came together to put on Vacation Bible School. First Presbyterian, Messiah Lutheran, St. Jude Catholic Church, Van Orsdel United Methodist, and First Lutheran Church hosted kiddos from across our community to learn about "God Beyond Measure." The curriculum taught five aspects of...

  • Hello, God. It's me, Mara.

    Updated Jul 14, 2022

    You know, Lord, it was precious to see a gentleman help a young lady gather her two little kids and help them into church while she carried a baby. He helped them cross the parking lot, helped keep them together, while their Daddy parked the car. The gentleman asked the little girl where she was going; she said, " ... to church and Sunday school, 'cause teacher is going to tell us how to shine for Jesus." He smiled, took her hand, as she was headed in the wrong direction; Mama...

  • Senior Center News, July 15, 2022

    Updated Jul 14, 2022

    North Central Senior Citizens Center July 18-22 Menu Monday, July 18 — Chicken pot pie, biscuits, salad, dessert Tuesday, July 19 — Salad, spaghetti with meat sauce, garlic bread, green beans, pineapple cake Wednesday, July 20 — Blueberry french toast bake, hashbrown bake, omelets, yogurt Thursday, July 21 — Smoky beef brisket, baked potatoes, veggies, fruit Friday, July 22 — Soup, chef’s choice, dessert Keeping up with the pandemic: July 11, 37 new cases of COVID-19, Total number is 5,127, active 27, one hospitaliza...

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