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Letter to the Editor - Asking to wear a mask is reasonable

Editor, In one of the many informational TV programs about COVID-19 a doctor explained why masks work. (Sorry, I didn’t catch his name) He stated that even though the virus is microscopic, it is surrounded by droplets of... — Updated 8/18/2020


Letter to the Editor - Vote absentee this October

Editor, “We are making this so convenient.” Hill County Commissioner Diane McLean regarding voting, 8/13/2020 No, you’re not. You’re making it exceedingly difficult, expensive and dangerous. “Over the past 20 years, more... — Updated 8/18/2020


Letter to the Editor - Sad to see one-sided editorial on mail ballots

To the Editor, Your Aug. 14 editorial says “All of the arguments against mail ballots have been debunked.” By whom? You? It is naïve to think the only human endeavor in which people won’t lie, commit fraud, or make mistakes... — Updated 8/18/2020


Letter to the Editor - Polling places raise concerns

Editor, I have some concerns if Hill County is forced to have polling places open for in person voting. I am sure that this responsibility of the clerk and recorder to solve these problems. I talked to a friend who has been a... — Updated 8/18/2020


Letter to the Editor - Wake up and end pandemic

I too say “Shame on McLean and Peterson” for endangering peoples lives by banning a mail ballot vote. Come on people do you realize how deadly COVID-19 virus is? Then again those that vote to hold fairs in the counties across... — Updated 8/18/2020


Show appreciation to our public health professionals

As the Hill County Board of Health, we would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge and recognize the tireless efforts and commitment of our dedicated public health professionals at the Hill County Health Department. During... — Updated 8/18/2020


Letter to the Editor - Vote on mail ballots

Dear Editor: We just finished reading the Havre Daily News article concerning your votes on the decision not to provide general election mail ballots to the electorate of Hill County. First, we would like to say that we appreciate... — Updated 8/17/2020


Our View: Shame on McLean and Peterson for endangering people's lives

Editor’s note: This version has been edited to reflect that people can make online requests for absentee ballots. Shame, shame on Hill County Commissioners Diane McLean and Mark Peterson. With a stroke of the pen, they have put... — Updated 8/17/2020


No statewide sales tax. Not today. Not ever.

I’m running for governor to protect and defend our Montana way of life. As a fourth-generation Montanan who raised his kids here, that means fighting back against out-of-state special interests who want to block our access and... — Updated 8/14/2020


Show some love, would you?

It’s been a tough year for everyone — and it is just August. Plague. Politics. Unemployment. Uncertainty. A year ago, this very week, I started my job here at the Montana State Univeristy-Northern Foundation and I couldn’t... — Updated 8/14/2020


Letter to the Editor - McLean, Peterson endangering people

Editor, Hill County Commissioners Mark Peterson and Diane McLean need to re-evaluate their duties to this community. One would assume it is their job to listen to those with knowledge and expertise and then make the best decision... — Updated 8/14/2020

 By Pam Burke    Opinion

View from the North 40: Misappropriation is a global issue

Canada, land of polite people and popular beer, among other magical things, has for the past two years also been home to one of the most unfortunately and rudely named beers on the... — Updated 8/14/2020

 By Sondra Ashton    Opinion

Looking out my backdoor: Greetings from Gringolandia

Michelle and Ana, up the road in Oconahua, tagged the name “Gringolandia” onto our enclave and it stuck. Though there has never been a dozen of us in residence at any one time,... — Updated 8/13/2020

 By Carrie Classon    Opinion

The Postscript: Summer storm

I was headed out for my daily hike. There was thunder in the distance. “It’s getting lighter,” my husband, Peter, said. “I don’t think we’re going to get any rain.... — Updated 8/12/2020


Flattening the curve on chronic wasting disease

It’s cool this morning. There is a different feel to the air. The days are slowly getting shorter, my bird dogs are getting restless and I am listening for that first bugle of a bull elk down in the river bottom. It’s that... — Updated 8/11/2020


More - not less - Amtrak service is needed

Thanks to the Havre Daily News for its coverage of “all things Amtrak” over the past three years including the destaffing of the local station and the pending threat to reduce service from daily to three days per week... — Updated 8/11/2020


Letter to the Editor - Paper's People's Rights articles biased

Editor, This was the first Montana People’s Rights Group meeting that I have attended and I was disappointed with the dark bias that was used by HDN to describe it. Conveniently, there was no mention that the meeting was opened... — Updated 8/10/2020


Our View - The facts on People's Rights

The Havre Daily News has received complaints, via Facebook, by telephone and now in an opinion column and a letter, printed on this page, about its coverage of people attending meetings in Havre held by People’s Rights Montana... — Updated 8/10/2020


People's Rights responds to HDN stories

We are honored Havre Daily News thought the local People’s Rights group significant enough to deserve back-to-back stories. But we’re also discouraged. Much ink was dedicated to someone who doesn’t live in Montana, much less... — Updated 8/10/2020

 By Pam Burke    Opinion

View from the North 40: Pauline and the strange and perfect beauty in imperfection

An Austrian tourist in Italy is facing the ire of museum officials and possible charges after damaging a 200-year-old plaster sculpture while taking a selfie with it at the... — Updated 8/7/2020


Our View: Thanks for keeping spread of COVID-19 down - and keep it up

Despite the incredibly sad news that Hill County now has experienced its first COVID-19-related deaths, and despite the fact that counties in the area are still having new confirmations of cases of COVID-19 trickling in, The Havre... — Updated 8/7/2020


Letter to the Editor - Thank you for support in our time of loss

Editor, Thank you so much to all our family and friends who supported us in our time of loss and sorrow. Tyler Big Bow inspired those around him and made a positive impact on many of his loved ones, patients and peers. Tyler was a... — Updated 8/7/2020


What's the worst wearing a mask can do?

As a person who works for the county and has a job to be on top of information, and as a person who wants to be the most effective in my job, here are just a few short points I want to make. First of all the COVID-19 virus is... — Updated 8/7/2020

 By Sondra Ashton    Opinion

Looking out my backdoor: I know where the keys are kept

Kathy said that she told Crin they should ask Josue to put locks on their closets because I am out of control with my sewing machine. Once my creative juices begin flowing in a part... — Updated 8/6/2020

 By Carrie Classon    Opinion

The Postscript: The blue tarp

I noticed my wrists were sticking to my desk. This was a gradual awareness. I spend almost all day at my desk and I don't know precisely when it started, but I finally looked down... — Updated 8/5/2020


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