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Two charged in vehicle chase, gunfire in county park

A Lame Deer man and Box Elder woman have been charged with multiple felonies in connection with an October vehicle chase through Beaver Creek Park.

The two are accused of attempting to run another vehicle off the road and shooting at it with a rifle while traveling at speeds of nearly 80 mph.

The pair were charged Tuesday in state District Court. Frederick Blackwolf, 28, is charged with two felonies - assault with a weapon and criminal mischief. Sandra Blackwolf, 30, is charged with four felonies - assault with a weapon, assault with a weapon by accountability, criminal mischief and criminal endangerment.

It is unclear if the Blackwolfs are related.

According to the charging document, three men were driving on Laredo Road on Oct. 9 when their van got a flat tire. The Blackwolfs drove by in a black car and stopped to talk to the men as they waited for a friend to bring them a spare tire, the document said. The men and the Blackwolfs made plans to meet in Beaver Creek Park that night.

The Blackwolfs, who were accompanied by another person, and the three men spent the evening drinking beer at campsites in Beaver Creek Park and on Rocky Boy's Indian Reservation, the charging document said.

At one point, the Blackwolfs went to Havre to purchase more beer. When they returned to Rotary Pond, Sandra Blackwolf, who was driving the black car, was "driving crazy" and "spinning brodies," the driver of the van told Hill County sheriff's deputies the next day, according to the charging document.

While drinking at Rotary Pond, the group decided to go to a different "party spot," the charging document said. They left the park and drove onto the reservation, where they stopped at the first camping spot they came to.

By this time, Frederick Blackwolf was passed out in the front seat of the van, the charging document said. After a while, he woke up and got back in the passenger seat of the black car next to Sandra Blackwolf. Their companion was sitting in the back seat.

"After drinking their beer, they decided to head back towards the agency," the charging document said.

The van and black car were parked side by side. As the van began to back out of the campsite, the driver's side window of the black car was rolled down and Frederick Blackwolf leaned over from the passenger's seat and fired a rifle at the van, apparently at one of the tires, the charging document alleged.

The driver of the van accelerated away from the campsite and headed north on State Highway 234 into Beaver Creek Park, the document said. The Blackwolfs pursued the van, and Sandra Blackwolf rammed the car into the back of the van while Frederick Blackwolf shot at it with the rifle, according to the charging document.

One bullet shattered a rear window of the van, the document said.

Sandra Blackwolf rammed the van several times, and once attempted to sideswipe it, the document said.

The driver of the van could not get away from the car because the spare tire installed earlier in the evening limited the van's speed. The two vehicles were traveling between 70 and 80 mph on the highway, according to the charging document.

The pursuit continued west on Taylor Road, the document said. One of the occupants of the van used a cell phone to call Rocky Boy police. The driver pulled into the parking lot of a casino in Rocky Boy, at which point the black car rammed the van once more and then drove off, the charging document alleged.

The Blackwolfs led Rocky Boy police on a chase before they were apprehended, the document said, adding that a rifle and a large knife were found in the car.


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