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Fort Peck, Crow win tribal tourney titles

The Fort Peck All-Stars led by tournament MVP Casey Weston cruised to an easy 116-88 win over the Northern Cheyenne squad to win the boys title at the second annual Montana All-Star Tribal Challenge at the MSU-Northern gymnasium.

Weston, along with Brockton teammate Tyson Bauer, led Fort Peck to a solid tournament, including an 84-73 win over the Chippewa Cree. Bauer was named to the tournament's all-star team.

Crow Agency captured the girls title with a 78-61 win over the Fort Belknap all-stars. Tournament MVP Miranda Rowland of Lodge Grass led Crow Agency to the title averaging well over 20 points for the tournament.

Hardin's Tana Stewart was also solid for Crow Agency, earning tournament all-star honors.

Harlem's Ben Carrywater, representing Fort Belknap, won the slam dunk competition, while St. Labre's Dane Fisher, representing the Northern Cheyenne, won the three-point shootout.



Crow 72, Fort Peck 44

Northern Cheyenne 82, Blackfeet 50

Fort Belknap 70, Chippewa Cree 34

Crow 82, Northern Cheyenne 79 (Northern Cheyenne third)

Crow 78, Fort Belknap 61, championship.


Tana Stewart, Crow; Deserae Kill Eagle, Fort Belknap; Danielle Shot Gunn, Northern Cheyenne; Amanda Messerly, Fort Belknap; Janelle Talawyma, Northern Cheyenne; Loretta Brown, Fort Peck; Tori Belcourt, Chippewa Cree. MVP - Miranda Rowland, Crow.



Crow 95, Rocky Boy 84

Chippewa Cree 92, Fort Belknap 91

Northern Cheyenne 98, Blackfeet 96

Fort Peck 84, Chippewa Cree 73 (Chippewa Cree third)

Northern Cheyenne 115, Crow 108

Fort Peck 116, Northern Cheyenne 88, championship.


Wes Spotted Bear, Crow; Ron Ingraham, Blackfeet; Tyson Bauer, Fort Peck; Ben Carrywater, Fort Belknap; Aaron Henry, Chippewa Cree; Lorenzo Ontiverio, Northern Cheyenne; Dane Fisher, Northern Cheyenne. MVP - Casey Weston, Fort Peck.


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