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By Tristan 

Thank you to couple who helped out



Havre ... It really is the people!

I would like to thank the unknown folks who stopped to help my son on Sunday night. It was a beautiful day, and my 15-year-old was out on a bike ride and hit an obstacle that took out his front tire and threw him face-first into the pavement.

A couple on a red motorcycle saw him bloody and dazed; they stopped and immediately got him home safely. They came back to check on him and tell me where his mangled bike was while I hustled to get my boy to the ER.

I was so worried about my son, I forgot to thank them for their kindness as we hustled off to the hospital.

At the hospital I was greatly pleased to see such professional and caring staff immediately assess the situation and get my son immobilized and scanned from head to toe for serious injuries.

Fortunately, my son got off with some major lacerations to the face, a seriously sprained wrist and a very sore body — but that was all! When we got home, the mangled bicycle was at our front door. Obviously the work of the mysterious Good Samaritans that rescued my boy. So, whoever you are — thank you, from the bottom of my heart. ... I love Havre.

Virginia Seigel



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