By Tristan 

Our View: More than talk is needed to help vets


We find ourselves once again bemoaning the fact that veterans will be honored on Friday, while their service, their honor and sometimes their needs are largely ignored the rest of the year.

We are glad to see some signs that the dedication of veterans is being remembered in the Havre community.

The fund drive by the Disabled American Veterans to get a new van to provide veterans a ride to Helena for medical treatment has been encouraging.

And individual efforts on behalf of veterans are heartwarming.

Havre pays tribute to vets by a beautiful marker in Town Square, and we're heartened to hear that teachers today are doing a good job of letting young people know about the services that have been provided by veterans.

But we're worried that the budget crisis in Washington, D.C., may prompt cuts in benefits to veterans' health care or pensions. There already have been calls for such cuts.

We understand that a lot of cuts need to be made if the towering deficits are to be erased. Sadly, a lot of pain will have to be inflicted on many people who depend on federal programs.

But the pain should not be inflicted on those who have already endured the pain of being away from families for years at a time or the pain of injury in battle.

We all have to make contributions to the budget-deficit-cutting efforts, but veterans have already made their contributions to our country.

On Friday, when you see someone who has served in the armed forces, wish them a happy Veterans Day. Assure them of your admiration.

Tell them you will join them in fighting needless cuts to their benefits.


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